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The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Syntex

Documents in SharePoint can contain vast amounts of valuable information. How can you mine this data without a huge manual 'trawl'?   If you haven't got rigid document processes or an army of people, golden insight is  lost.   This workshop will show you how to use Microsoft Syntex to overcome this problem and mine (plus action) your content with ease. 
highlights of this WORSHOP:
  • INTRODUCTION:  You'll see the core moving parts  of Microsoft Syntex and undertstand how you might exploit them.
  • INSTALL: Learn how to configure your environment and get started using Microsoft Syntex
  • USE CASES: Know when to reach for Syntex and what it might cost.
  • SEE THE ROADMAP: Gain insight into potential future value you can unlock once you have Syntex.
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The Workshop starts at 2pm UTC on
18th November
Introduction to Microsoft Syntex Workshop
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"Knowing we can deploy what's effectively an AI librarian & document analyst rolled into one is likely to be a game changer for us on a number of fronts" 

If - like us - you have a huge array of different content (videos and documents), knowing that you can analyse meta data, add tags, potentially re-route and update only certain parts of your library without having to manually check or build complex solutions, could be a game changer.  

  • Firstly, Syntex can analyse your content, looking for key pieces of information inside and associated to each item
  • Secondly, you can perform complex interactions, cataloguing and re-routing all within an intuitive interface using MS Syntex. (and a WHOLE LOT more...)

One thing we didn't want to do however is buy into a 'one trick pony' that could only catalogue our document metadata.

We wanted a tool that could pull in data, arrange, add to and complement our SharePoint information with sources outside of SharePoint. For example using OCR to digest our invoices and more. 

Microsoft Syntex allows us to do this and unlock a whole lot MORE besides.

If you are keen to know more about "how to solve a problem like content" in your organisation, this workshop is a must see. 

What You’ll learn from this Workshop:

Microsoft Syntex brings the power of AI to help categorise, understand and action your content without the need for manual analysis of 1000's of data items or documents. You'll learn how in this in-depth workshop

Introduction to Microsoft Syntex

What are the key features of Microsoft Syntex and how can you put them to use. 

The End-Users Experience

Where to look inside Microsoft Syntex and how to get to grips with what its telling you. What are the important moving parts of Syntext that you will use most frequently and where can you find the hidden gems. 

Setting up Syntex

How to setup a trial in your environment and configure it to get going.

Understanding Licensing

What costs do you need to be aware of and how can you efficiently solve the problem of value being locked inside your documents without spending big on licences. 

Content Processing 

How to unlock the powerful Content/ Document analytics and processing capabilities to solve your business problems. 

Syntex Roadmap

Some big announcements were made at Microsoft Ignite. We will discuss some of the most important ones such as backup, restore, translation and archiving.

Workshop Agenda:

This Masterclass will be held over 5 hours and covers:


Part 1 - Getting Started With Microsoft Syntex
  • Introduction to Microsoft Syntex (as it is today).  
  • Get started with setup - how to setup the trial of Syntex in your environment and configuring the environment.
  • Build out Content Processing - using Syntex with some sample documents (Note: This uses PnP PowerShell to help get started but it isn't needed to use the same skills with your own content).


Part 2 - The End-User Experience & Licensing
  • In this part, we will take a tour around Syntex to fully understand it from an end-users point of view.
  • We will also discuss dreaded "L word". We will learn about the licensing needs for model builders, administrators and end users
  • The exciting future - an overview of the announcements for Microsoft Syntex from Ignite 2022 including translation, backup/restore and archival

Meet your Workshop Host...

From dev to PM, SharePoint farm owner to analyst, Kevin has done it all and has the hair (or lack of) to prove it. Having started in the world of Financial Services with delivering solutions on Microsoft technologies to help staff collaborate and be more productive, Kevin jumped the fence a few years ago to the consultancy side. He has always loved to share and is a Microsoft MVP in Microsoft 365 Apps and Services, Viva Explorer and co-hosts the weekly modern workplace podcast GreyHatBeardPrincess in between his day job as a Practice Lead for Modern Workplace at CPS.

Kevin McDonnell, Microsoft Valuable Professional

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