The First Career Accelerator to Take you from Complete Novice to "Job Ready" as a Power Platform Developer

WITHOUT having to quit your day job or learn how to code! 

I want to give you everything I've learned by training thousands of other people like you in the Collab365 Academy for $9 or less.

Keep reading to learn how you can get the skills accelerator roadmap to take the first step to a brand new career as Microsoft professional.

You see all these I.T. experts earning mega bucks doing a job that's not going to be replaced by tools like ChatGPT but somehow you can’t seem to find a clear path to transition to a new career?

Have you ever thought that a career in I.T. means you need to be a complete "nerd" who writes code all day long? 

It's not true! Every guru and their grandma is telling you that you need to have studied I.T. at school and done a 4-year University degree in "computers programming" but, it's simply not true and we can prove it.

Meet Steven... He Was a restaurant Manager who made the jump to Microsoft 365 Consultant.

steven Walther

Restaurant Manger and now Microsoft 365 Consultant

First and foremost, I wish you well. Secondly, I would like to thank you.

Over the last week, I just left my 30+ year career in the restaurant business. I had an amazing informational interview with some amazingly talented people from Timlin in the Greater Boston (U.S.) Area. They have taken a chance on me (Canadian) as an associate engineer (consultant) for M365 and SharePoint. They are impressed with my experience with leadership, management, and customer satisfaction but also recognize my potential to learn and absorb this amazing platform.

The fact that I have taken the challenge and succeeded has emboldened them to the fact of my commitment to develop and grow in this field. I am forever grateful for the incredible manner in which all of you have created this educational experience. I have had a few weeks to digest what I have learned and have ascertained what I need to know moving forward.

I just wanted to take a moment to simply say Thank You for providing a platform for someone like myself to make a change in their career later in life but have the tools to learn and excel. For that, I will be eternally grateful. I bode all of you well, and I will be joining future challenges to learn and grow.

Heartfelt thanks!


If You're looking for a new career, And / or bored in your job

and all you ever wanted was an easy-to-follow step-by-step plan…

Then, this Career Accelerator is for you


The Power Platform Career Accelerator

This Roadmap and the few hours of training it contains can
save you years of trial and error.

👉 It contains literally everything you need to get started with Power BI and begin your hunt for a new job.

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This is how it works


You receive access to the roadmap and a video walkthrough


The roadmap features x courses, x ebooks and private space to ask us questions


You can track your progress as you go through the roadmap


After you have a the basics overview, it’s time to earn your first Power BI certification.

Sneak peak of what's inside

✨36 tools (graphic & copy templates, checklists, worksheets, scripts & more > I could easly sell each of these for $7 or more)

✨28 videos (insights & training)

✨Excel progress tracker

25x half-Day Workshops

(value $1,675)

Are you looking to maximize your team's productivity and efficiency with Microsoft 365? Our catalogue of half-day Workshops offer a wide range of training options that are tailored to businesses just like yours. From automating employee onboarding to building a staff directory, our workshops cover everything you need to know to enhance your work management, employee experience, and collaboration. 

  • Beginner to advanced Workshops covering the full Microsoft 365 Spectrum.
  • Delivered by Microsoft, MVP's and experts from all around the World.
  • Our Workshops range from being tutorial styled to complete solution builds.
  •  Scroll below to see a full list of the Workshops. 

4x Collab365 Challenges

(value $388)

Our Power Platform Challenges are a great way to learn new skills, achieve your goals, and boost your career. They're interactive, engaging, and offer expert guidance, support, and a sense of community which makes them more effective than self-paced courses. Sign up for a Challenge today and start your journey to success!

  • Learn Power BI With our Power BI JumpStart and Power BI StepUp Challenge.
  • Build an entire vacation-booking app with our 5-Day Power Platform Challenge.
  • Build a time-tracking application with Power Apps in our Power Apps JumpStart Challenge.
  • When you complete a challenge you also get awarded a certification via Credly. This is a great way to show off your news skills on your portfolio and LinkedIn profiles.

2x Solutions Days

(value $194)

Get all of the recordings from Solutions Day 1 and 2 to learn how 12 everyday, "no-code" solutions are built using the Power Platform, SharePoint, Teams and Azure AD.

  • Our Solutions sessions show the art of the possible. 
  • We've covered solutions such as an LMS, inventory manager, document archival process, weekly reminder process, time recording app, user account manager and so much more!
  • Alongside our Challenges, our Solutions Days have been watched by thousands and are our some of our most popular training!

108x Ebooks

(value $177)

What if you could own a Digital Library crammed full of tips to help you build solutions in Microsoft 365? Well, here's some great news! You can have that library delivered to you digitally with lifetime access to 1000's of pages of learning. This incredible resource teaches you all the essential Microsoft 365 skills, including ...

  • SharePoint, Teams, OneNote, Dynamics 365
  • Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI
  • Our Ebooks cover all levels from beginner to advanced. These are perfect if you've got a spare hour and want to read on your Kindle.

318x Conference Recordings

(value $349)

We've run 10 large virtual summits and have made all 318 recordings to you which is over 200 hours. Within that library you will find many entry-level sessions to help you learn.

  • You can watch in-depth 45-minute demonstrations and thought-leader sessions.
  • If you're stuck for time then we have plenty of "Turbo Sessions" which distill a concept into just 15-minutes!
  • Many of our sessions were delivered by Microsoft, MCT's and MVP's.

Access to the Collab365 Community

(value: unlimited!)

Join a community of Power Platform Citizen Developers who are dedicated to supporting and helping each other grow. Tap into the collective knowledge and experience of our community to accelerate your own success and achieve your goals.

  • Once we've welcomed you into the Academy, you will be guided towards our beginner training. We have foundation courses, JumpStart Challenges and Beginner Workshops to lower you in at your own pace.
  • Our platform runs on Circle, which is like Facebook but better. It's private and there are no ads or dodgy algorithms deciding what you should see.
  • Download the mobile app on iOS and Android so you are always in touch with your training and the community!


Do it alone

Join 1702+ coaches and course creators
in an amazing community

Get 24h support on your growth journey and get access to a
value-packed members portal and resource library.

What a difference two years can make

In the roadmap I share everything I did to get to this point and I even give you A LOT of super helpful tools, templates & scripts.

Hint: Everything that’s not on the roadmap was just a distraction that didn’t move the needle.

What my members say about the roadmap

Don't take our word for it, see what our members think of their experiences in the Academy.

We've also seen a lot of members gaining recognition outside the Academy by passing one of our Challenges. See the Wall of Fame below.  

Your Questions, Answered

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Can I Get A Discount?

As you can see from the pricing, we've heavily discounted all of our content for this annual deal. Unfortunately, we can't discount any further.

Can I attend Future Events with the trial?

If you're trial is still running, they yeah, you can attend our future events such as our Workshops. 

Can I Get A Team Subscription

The Subscription is tied to you and your profile only. If you would like to enquire about a team subscription, please email us at [email protected]

Can I Cancel?

Of course. The trial lasts for 7-Days and you can cancel anytime before that. If you choose to continue as a paid platinum member you can also cancel at any time.

Can I Get An Invoice?

Once you purchase, you will receive an invoice. There is also access once inside the Academy for you to download. 

Can I Share My Subscription?

With a Subscription, only your profile and you can access the Academy content. Sharing is against the terms and conditions and may result in suspension of both the account and your subscription. No refund will be offered in these cases. 

Who Do I Contact If Theres A Problem

Send us an email at [email protected] and we can help. 

Do I Keep My Items If I Cancel?

When You cancel, your subscription will run to the next billing period. After this period you will lose access to the Academy and your profile.