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As a Platinum Member, you'll unlock comprehensive access to all training sessions and manuals from the 5-Day Vacation Booking Challenge.

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Collab365 Conference Bundle

Explore our extensive Summit Bundle, featuring 318 sessions that cover every imaginable aspect of Office 365, Power Platform, SharePoint, and Teams. This comprehensive collection is your gateway to mastering new skills and staying updated with the latest industry trends.

Experience Breakthroughs with Solutions Day 1 Insights

Collab365 Conferences

Solutions Day 1 unveils the art of the possible with Microsoft's Power Platform, demonstrating real-world problem-solving strategies. Discover innovative approaches to common challenges, enhancing your ability to implement practical solutions in your work environment.

Solution 1: Learning Management System (LMS)

This session was presented by Dawid Ziolkowski MVP.

Dawid recently built a fully-featured Learning Management System (LMS) that's been "road-tested" by a large company. During this session, you will understand how he developed it (with no code) and the architectural design decisions before the build.

You will learn:

  • Create and manage Quizzes to ensure staff understood a lesson.
  • Embed the quizzes into the lesson modules to track student pass-rates.
  • Delivery of assignments so that managers can request that their staff do the training. 
  • Understand the security requirements of an LMS built on top of Microsoft 365.
  • Create the SharePoint Site that contains the content for the course pages.
  • Understand the lists required to manage the course and assignment data.
  • Monitor the overall activity on the LMS in a  Power BI dashboard.
  • Learn how to adapt a SharePoint Communications Site to suit an LMS. 

Solution 2: Microsoft Teams Provisioning Solution

This session was presented by Dawid Ziolkowski MVP.

Allowing staff to create brand new Teams "on-demand" can quickly lead to sprawl and security issues. So how do we solve the problem of staff asking for new teams without burdening the IT Team with hundreds of requests? In this session, Dawid will teach you how to develop a Teams provisioning process that manages "new Team" requests, approvals and the provisioning of new Teams.

You will learn:

  • Create a "new Team" request form in Power Apps and have it available in Teams.
  • Manage the requests for new Teams in a SharePoint List.
  • Send an adaptive card to Teams when a new request arrives.
  • Develop a process to manage approvals for new Teams.
  • Make a Power Apps Screen to support different languages.
  • Develop a Power BI Dashboard to monitor the requests over time.
  • Develop a Flow to provision a new Team on approval. 

Solution 3: Staff Vacation Request App

This session was presented by Nick Brattoli MVP.

If your company needs to manage the process of staff vacations then this session is for you. With not too much effort you can create a simple staff vacation request system on top of existing Microsoft 365 E3 & Power BI Pro licenses.

You will learn:

  • Create an application to submit and manage your vacation requests.
  • Deploy a SharePoint site/Microsoft Team to administratively track requests and approvals.
  • Develop a Power BI dashboard for administrators and leadership to see trends and analytics over time.
  • Develop a Microsoft list to store back-end data.
  • Compose an approval workflow to approve or reject vacation requests.

Solution 4: Site Check-In System to manage staff safety

This session was presented by Mark Stokes.

Do your staff work and meet in multiple locations? Ever wanted a system where you can track the location of your colleagues (in working hours)? This session will demonstrate how to use the Power Platform to develop the barebones of a staff check-in system. An application like this allows you to ensure that your staff are safe and secure.

You will learn:

  • Develop a Power App that allows a staff member to check-in to a location.
  • Create a directory of locations and "hotspots". 
  • Use your mobile's GPS capabilities to quickly find the "current location". 
  • Design an architect a solution on top of the power platform.

Solution 5: Rich Power BI Dashboards With SharePoint List Data.

This session was presented by Nate Chamberlain MVP.

SharePoint Lists are one of the simplest and most popular ways to store your organizational data. However, one of the challenges they present is quickly visualizing the data because a "View" only takes us so far.

This session will teach someone with no previous Power BI knowledge to transform their SharePoint list data into a beautiful, interactive dashboard. We'll start at square one, cover all the steps and requirements to create and publish a report, and end on some beginner-level Power BI basics so you can take your list visualizations to the next level.

You will learn:

  • Prepare your SharePoint Lists to make them easy to consume in Power BI.
  • Edit and manage your new Power BI Reports.
  • Publish your Reports so you can share with other users.
  • Provide access to published Reports.
  • Customize the report to suit your data storytelling needs.
  • Get started with Power BI.

Solution 6:  Buffer Clone To Automate Your Social Media Marketing

This session ws co-presented by Jon Manderville and Connor Deasey.

This session will demonstrate how we developed a social media manager that allows us to add content to a calendar via a Power App to be posted on a schedule. We show how we used Power Automate Desktop to post to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok without using their API's. 

You will learn:

  • Capture text, videos and images in a mobile powerapps.
  • Develop a social media schedule to define what should be posted to where and when. 
  • Created a Cloud Flow that creates the post by communicating to a dedicated machine using Power Automate Desktop.
  • Handle synchronisation of attachments from mobile devices to One Drive so that Power Automate Desktop can utilise them.
  • Created a web automation script that automatically posts to every social network. 
  • Catered for the different demands of each social platform by checking and validating text length and attachment types.
  • Kept end user up to date using data passed between Power Automate Cloud, Desktop, SharePoint and Power Apps.

Continue Your Journey with Solutions Day 2 Discoveries

Collab365 Conferences

Solutions Day 2 continues to inspire with advanced applications of SharePoint and Power Automate, showcasing efficient strategies for common workplace scenarios. These sessions are tailored to provide you with actionable insights and creative solutions for complex tasks.

Solution 1: Document Archival Process With SharePoint And Power Automate

This session was presented by Nate Chamberlain MVP.

When old procedures, policies, or drafts are no longer needed and shouldn't appear in search results anymore (potentially confusing users seeking the most current, accurate information), we are sometimes tempted to delete them. However, some documents need to be kept longer or may need to be referenced in a year or more even if we don't actively use them anymore (or if we don't want others to).

You will learn:

  • Create Document Status Column for SharePoint Libraries.
  • Automatically move the files to a secure location after approval occurs
  • Build an approval process that triggers from the Status Column.
  • Keep primary libraries clear whilst preserving archived documents for the future

Solution 2: How To Create, Manage And Inspect Your Inventory

This session was presented by Jon Manderville.

During this session, we will show you the steps to plan and conceptualise the solution and create a prototype. We will also explain how we leverage Power Automate and Power Apps to remind and schedule inventory checks based on a list of information stored in SharePoint.

You'll find out how you could structure the data for entry-level Microsoft 365 licences—proving that a fully-functional solution like this can be achieved without Premium connectors.

You will learn:

  • Build an Inventory checking App Quickly
  • Create and Manage your Inventory using SharePoint Lists and Lookup Columns
  • Notify and Inform People of Upcoming Inventory Checks
  • Use Galleries to Unlock User Interaction Options
  • Use Power Automate To Schedule a diary of Future inspections

Solution 3: Automate A Weekly Reminder Of Upcoming Due Dates

This session was presented by Nate Chamberlain MVP.

Whether your lists are helping track upcoming events, due dates, expirations, or deadlines, your team could probably use some help staying informed and on track as items are added and updated. We can use Power Automate to create a weekly digest or reminder of upcoming dates and share that via a Teams channel conversation post or an email. In this session, you'll learn how to create a reminder solution that filters a list of items to those due in the current week and shares them consistently and automatically.

You will learn:

  • Automatically filter a list's items to those with dates occurring that week.
  • How to post upcoming task dates from the list into your chosen teams channel
  • Share the filtered list on a scheduled basis using Teams messages and emails. 
  • Use a list to manage due dates, expirations or deadlines.

Solution 4: How To Build A Vacation Booking Solution In The Power Platform

This session was presented by Connor Deasey.

Heavily influenced by our 5-Day Challenge, you'll take a seat on a condensed journey through multiple Microsoft 365 services to build a vacation booking solution. Through the eyes of one of our support coaches, we'll dive more into the decision-making process, creating a data infrastructure, and utilizing the Power Platform to solve a real problem we experienced as a team.

You will learn:

  • Create an application to submit and manage your vacation requests.
  • Deploy a SharePoint site/Microsoft Team to administratively track requests and approvals.
  • Implement alerts, chatbots and manage holiday directly within Teams.
  • Oversee an approval process to manage staff availability with Power Automate.
  • Produce intuitive Power BI Dashboards to monitor and assist in make better planning decisions.

Solution 5: Managing Your User Accounts With The Power Platform

This session was presented by Ben Stegink, Intelligink.

A new hire starts, and who has all the information about the new employee? I bet it's usually HR. What about when a user quits? Goes on leave? Most of the time, the IT department isn't the first to know. When they find out, it's usually through a ticket that may or may not have all the information.

What if you could give HR (or, frankly, anyone else) the ability to manage users in Azure AD without giving them access to Azure AD? You could also put specific controls around what they can update when approval is needed and even the formatting of updates. In this session, we'll walk you through the structure and process for creating a solution using the Power Platform to do just that!

You will learn:

  • Create a SharePoint list to manage your users.
  • Integrate the SharePoint list with Azure AD to make updates to users.
  • Use Power Apps to build an interface for managing user updates.

Solution 6:  How To Build A Time Recording Application In Power Apps

This session was co-presented by Connor Deasey.

There's never enough time in the day to do the things we want to, right? In this demonstration, you'll learn how to manage your time by building a simple Time Recording Application in Power Apps that allows you to record time against a given project or task.

You will learn:

  • Structure a SharePoint list as a viable data source.
  • Interact across Microsoft365 services and talk directly to your data within Power Apps.
  • Implement basic controls to perform Power Apps actions.
  • Use conditions to manipulate the user experience.

Gain Exclusive Access to Teams Takeover Recordings

Collab365 Conferences

Our Teams Takeover bundle offers a wealth of knowledge, from beginner tips to advanced strategies, exclusively for our Platinum members. Learn how to harness the full power of Microsoft Teams, enhancing collaboration and productivity in your organization.

1: Beginners Guide to Teams

This workshop was presented by Ben Stegink MVP

Microsoft Teams, once a simple chatty Cathy, has morphed into a full-fledged Swiss Army knife of work collaboration. In this Live Intro to Teams, our buddy Ben spills the beans on how to rev up your 'team' using 'Teams' - with a side of fresh-off-the-press tips and tricks.

You will learn:

  • Learn to chat like a pro with Teams. Start group chats, format messages and collaborate with your team.
  • How to search for content and Navigate through Teams
  • How to effortlessly notify specific groups in Teams with tags.
  • Many more tips direct from an MVP and expert in Microsoft Teams
  • Learn the basics of Teams, Channels and Tabs.
  • How to efficiently schedule and prepare meetings. Connect anywhere, streamline communication, and improve collaboration.
  • Where Teams sits in the Microsoft 365 stack.

2: Mastering Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Lists and More

This workshop was presented by Geoff Ables MVP.

Feeling like you're juggling chainsaws with all this modern collaboration? As remote work skyrockets and teams scatter like pool balls, effective teamwork has become a game of Twister - but harder. Well, fear not, amigo, we've got an antidote:

Say hello to our Mastering Microsoft Teams workshop!

Whether you're a Teams veteran or a wide-eyed newbie, this workshop will turn you into a Teams superhero, ready to optimize, streamline, and supercharge your productivity. So, don't let unfamiliarity with Teams leave you in the dust - get on board the Teams Takeover train and join this Workshop!

You will learn:

  • Level up your skills and the productivity of the teams you support
  • Delve into SharePoint Team Sites and streamline your workflow through site design, version control, permissions, and content organization
  • Maximize efficiency with Microsoft Lists whilst in the Meeting or Teams experience
  • Effortlessly automate processes in Teams without coding - including Approvals, Requests and Tasks 
  • Learn how to apply these concepts across any team, from leadership to operations to project management
  • Master the essentials of Teams, from meetings and chat to document management, notifications, and etiquette for seamless collaboration

3: Advanced Teams Provisioning Using Power Automate

This Workshop was presented by Matt Weston MVP.

Cue the spotlight on Matt Weston in this recorded session, where he's gonna spill the beans on crafting a slick Teams provisioning process that handles new team requests, approvals, and all that jazz.

Tired of wading through 'Teams sprawl'? We thought so!

You'll gobble up knowledge on how a user can request a fresh Team and have it auto-magically set up by Power Automate (only if the big boss approves, of course). Bottom line, you'll master how to trim down your provisioning process and sidestep security snafus with the hacks and shortcuts revealed in this session. Pretty sweet, huh?

4: Maximizing Governance, Adoption, And Data Security With Microsoft Teams

This workshop was presented by Jasper Oosterveld MVP

Is managing your company's Microsoft Teams usage giving you a headache? Breaking a sweat trying to keep compliance in check and dodge data leaks, all while boosting collaboration and productivity? Join the club, buddy.

A ton of organizations stumble over these hurdles when rolling out Teams, but guess what? There's a lifeline!

With a sturdy governance strategy, you can wave goodbye to sprawl, fines, pesky legal proceedings, and the sting of reputation damage from data leaks or non-compliance. Don't let your organization become another casualty - slide into this enlightening workshop and pick up the essential skills to ace your Teams rollout!

You will learn:

  • Understand the importance of governance, including the need for policies and procedures for consistent and compliant use of the platform
  • Explore best practices for securing data , including how to identify and protect sensitive information and prevent data breaches
  • Learn about tools and features available to enhance collaboration and communication, including integrations with other Microsoft applications
  • Learn strategies for driving adoption, including how to develop a training program and change management approach
  • Understand the role of Teams administrators to manage the platform and support users.
  • learn how to configure settings and manage permissions.
  • Hear real-world examples of organizations that have successfully implemented governance, adoption, and data security strategies. Gain insights into their best practices and lessons learned

5: Boost Your Team's Efficiency With Power Virtual Agents In Microsoft Teams

This workshop was presented by Daniel Christian MVP.

Imagine this: You're in the thick of it, hustling away in Teams, when all of a sudden you gotta log some crucial info or ping another team with a request. In the olden days, this meant you had to ditch Teams and scramble over to another app like Microsoft Forms, email, or SharePoint. Not only does this throw a wrench in your workflow, it also chews up precious time you could spend on the big stuff.

But what if I told you there's a smarter way?

What if you could tick off these tasks without ever leaving the comfy confines of Teams or hopping onto another app? Say hello to Power Virtual Agents - the chatbot whiz kids that let you swap mundane tasks for a simple chit-chat. With these little helpers, you can keep your head in the game and still get things done.

BONUS: Check out how the spanking new AI Co-Pilot buddies up with Power Virtual Agents.

You will learn:

  • What Teams Power Virtual Agents are and why we use them.
  • BONUS: Demo of Co-Pilot with chatbots.
  • How to use a Power Virtual Agent to help keep you in the flow of work within Teams.
  • What makes a Power Virtual Agent (including Environments and Topics).

  • How to replace mundane tasks - like holiday bookings - using a bot in Teams.
  • How To build a static bot and a dynamic bot.
  • How to plan your use of Topics when building a Power Virtual Agent (Bot).

6:  A Deeper Dive Into Connected Power Virtual Agents

This workshop was presented by Daniel Christian MVP.

As organizations are constantly on the hunt for efficiency and automation, the cry for advanced chatbots that can automate the boring stuff and tackle complex questions is on the up and up.

But here's the kicker - a lot of users are pulling their hair out trying to craft bots that can fully tap into the superpowers of Power Virtual Agents within Teams...

And that's where our workshop swoops in to save the day. Armed with these skills, you'll be churning out chatbots that do your bidding, delivering top-notch customer service, and streamlining your workflow. You can mesh these into Teams or let them fly solo. Whichever way you roll, don't let this golden opportunity to level up your chatbot game pass you by.

You will learn:

  • Build more complex bots that you can trigger from Teams or install standalone - with decision points hosted by the Power Virtual Agents
  • Enhance a dynamic bot using Power Fx functions
  • How to use Topics and Power Automate together to create more complete agents who can carry out tasks for you from Teams
  • Understand options to extend and enhance Teams Bots with upcoming features

eric peterson | IT Consultant at the Salvation Army

"I just earned my Credly certificate for the Power Platform!"

I just earned my Credly certificate for the Power Platform. I had to say the five-day challenge was a fantastic journey for me. I looked at each one of the Power Platform modules separately. So one of my learning goals was to see how they would work together. This challenge did just that, but not just by talking about it instead, the week was spent building a usable application and enhancing it to see how each of those interactions.

Even though the course was great. The main difference was in the approach to learning, having that daily start time with cohorts and coaches that held me accountable and engaged for the week. And by participating in those discussion groups and earning badges, I was motivated to Excel at each day's assignment.

So congratulations on building this excellent platform. I know I'll certainly be signing up for other challenges in the future.

Expand Your Knowledge with Our 108 Ebook Mega Bundle

Collab365 Ebooks
Collab365 Ebook Bundle

Our extensive collection of 108 Ebooks covers a wide array of Microsoft 365 topics, providing you with an invaluable resource for continuous learning. From detailed guides to quick tips, these Ebooks are designed to cater to all learning styles and skill levels, enhancing your expertise and knowledge base.

Earn an industry-recognised certification.

Collab365 Certification Issued in Credly

Upon successfully completing this training, you will be awarded a prestigious Collab365 certification, issued through Credly, the leader in digital credentials. This certification serves as a testament to your newly acquired skills and your dedication to professional growth.

The Value of a Credly Certification:

  • Global Recognition: Your Credly badge is a globally acknowledged symbol of your Power BI expertise, enhancing your professional stature on platforms like LinkedIn and beyond.
  • Digital and Shareable: Easily share your achievements across social media and professional networks, increasing your visibility to potential employers and peers.
  • Verified Skills: Each badge carries detailed, verifiable information about the skills you've mastered, adding credibility and trust to your professional profile.

Achieving a Credly certification through our Challenges and Success Paths not only marks your mastery of valuable skills but also significantly elevates your professional presence in the digital world.

latonya blount | collaboration analyst

"Enlightened. Had a blast and I love the app! Keeper!"

I needed to understand Power Apps formulas and have an idea of the why's and order. The coach explained it clearly and put it in terms that made it easy to understand and now I get to show off my skills at work. Not only that, if asked I can explain why I did something instead of saying, "This is what I found online and this should work.", without being able to explain the why it would work.

The pace of the course was great. I was able to complete it between leaving work and before my next call.

The detailed explanations and the short challenges along the way for me to try first before being shown how to successfully complete were fantastic. It was a moment to show that I understood and was comfortable enough with what I had learned.

Don't take our word for it, hear from other 365ers:

When you attend the Challenge you can expect a next-generation training experience. We know it's really hard to complete a course when you're left alone. Our challenges are fun, cleverly-paced and also give you a degree of accountability ... so you succeed!

Cindy vasey | Compliance Program Manager at AWS

"I loved the idea that I would build something real-world"

I took the 5-day Challenge to explore the Power Platform's full potential quickly. In addition, I loved the idea that I would build something real-world that taught me all of the significant services. The Challenge was nicely paced, with tasks to do each day, and I loved the idea that Collab365 were on hand to support me.

What is a Collab365 Challenge?

Blue Certified Solution

In many cases, our Challenges are built so that you can "learn by doing". To achieve this we follow our B.L.U.E. Framework. Learn why BLUE is a superior way to learn. Here's a summary of the 4 phases.

step 1


Learners conceptualise and start creating the app during the ‘Build It’ phase. They tap into the Power Platform’s capabilities to design an intuitive and user-friendly interface while meeting the task’s business requirements. This hands-on experience, right from the start, deepens their understanding of the platform and its functionalities.

step 2


As they move into the ‘Learn It’ stage, learners realise the platform’s intricacies, discovering functionalities they were previously unaware of. This phase provides an immediate feedback loop, allowing learners to correct misconceptions, deepen their understanding, and improve their skills.

step 3


In the ‘Use It’ phase, learners experience their creations from a user’s perspective. They test the app, identifying any flaws or usability issues. This hands-on testing and usage phase provides invaluable insights into user experience, an essential aspect of any app development process.

step 4


Finally, during the ‘Enhance It’ stage, learners refine their app based on the feedback and insights gained during testing. This iterative process simulates a real-world development cycle, reinforcing the importance of continual learning and improvement in the technology industry.

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Can I get refund?

We're thrilled to have you explore our content! Like many of our happy customers, we're sure you'll find great value in what we offer. If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with a stand-alone purchase, please reach out within 30 days. We're more than happy to process a refund for you.

As for our Platinum Plan, we invite you to take advantage of our Collab365 Academy with a full-access, 7-day trial. It's a wonderful opportunity to experience all that we have to offer. Please note, due to the nature of this comprehensive trial, we are unable to provide refunds for plan purchases.

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  • Monthly

  • Yearly

  • Lifetime

  • Teams

Get this training with a Collab365 Academy Platinum Lifetime Plan

Pay once to unlock our entire catalogue for life

  • Access to all Success Paths, Workshops, Conferences and Ebooks.
  • Access to all spaces and forums in Collab365 Academy.
  • Attend Free and Paid Community Training Events
  • Immediate access to all new Training as it's released.