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On September 28th and October 5th we're going to be doing something very special. 

We're giving you an incredible opportunity to gain every skill you'll need to become a SharePoint Power User. πŸ’ͺ🏻

We've asked one of the World's best SharePoint experts to deliver a 2-part SharePoint Power Users Workshop

If you are serious about becoming a pro-level SharePoint Power User you really should be "all-in" on this Workshop.

Buckle up because Matt's going to teach you how to become a true SharePoint Online Guru. 🀴

It's presented LIVE (in Teams) so you can also ask Matt questions.

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When the Workshop is over, it will be $197, but if you book using the red button on this page, it's only $7

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we're also giving you lifetime access to the Collab365 Academy and with over 200+ hours of Microsoft 365 training

Collab365 Training Bundle

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At Collab365, we've been running Microsoft events for years and 3,300 members have already trusted us to help them learn Microsoft 365 in the Collab365 Academy.

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 ...As of Sept 21st 2022, 473 soon-to-be SharePoint Power Users have signed up for the Workshop and when we reach 500, registration is closed

If you can't make the Workshop dates, you also get LIFETIME access to the Recordings.

If you've made it this far, phew! BUT, you're probably thinking this is "too good to be true", or even worse .. it's a "scam" (gulp).

 I promise you, this is a 100% genuine offer to learn at a brilliant Workshop! 

(from a very caring bunch here at Collab365) 

Last reminder of what you get for $7:

Workshop Ticket to attend live 

Workshop Recordings and Resources  

Lifetime Access to the Collab365 Academy

318 Training Videos from 10 virtual Summits

3 Microsoft 365 Foundation Micro-courses

So the big question is... What would you like to do?

Or, "Hang on, I need to see what's in the Workshop, first!"

SharePoint Power Users Workshop presented by Matt Weston MVP

how to become a sharePoint power user Workshop

What You’ll learn from the workshop recording:

Matt Weston MVP will take you from a beginner in SharePoint, and we are confident that with just these two workshops and a little homework, you will upgrade your skills to SharePoint Power user in no time.

SharePoint and Microsoft 365 

Understand where SharePoint fits into the overall ecosystem, especially its relationship with OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Forms and Stream.

Communication VS Teams sites

Discover which type of SharePoint site is right for your needs. Learn what purpose each template serves and what additional functionality we get from each site template.

Creating Sites 

Learn how to create new sites and the process behind them. As part of this module, we will investigate the options and decisions we need to make to understand site creation fully.

Lists and Libraries

SharePoint Lists and Libraries are at the heart of every successful implementation. But, first, you must understand what purpose they serve and why you need them.

Columns and Content Types.

To make your lists and libraries more manageable and easier to maintain, you need to have a good working of Site columns and Content Types. This module will discuss when, where and how to use both.

Pages and News

Two other key features of SharePoint are Pages and Web Parts. To become a proficient Power User, you must understand how to use Web Parts on your pages and publish and schedule new pages.

Home sites, Hub Sites and Global Navigation.

At this point of the Workshop, we will have focused on building single sites, but now it's time to learn how to integrate them into a single environment. You will learn how to create a consistent look, feel and unified navigation across your sites.

SharePoint Admin Centre

The SharePoint Admin centre is crucial to understanding how to get the most out of SharePoint. If you don't have access to it, you can have an informed conversation with those that do. We'll investigate key settings, metrics and the core parts of SharePoint administration.

Sharing and permissions

The single most confusing part of working with SharePoint is understanding permissions. If you don't know the difference between Microsoft 365 Group and SharePoint Group Permissions, or the other sharing options, this module is for you!

Here's a recap of

EVERYTHING You'll Get for $7

Collab365 Training Bundle
200+ hours of video training
We've ran 10 Virtual Summits around Microsoft 365 and Power Platform. Every single session will be added to your Academy account to supplement your learning.
($349 Value)
Access to the Live SharePoint Power User Workshop and the recordings
As soon as you purchase you will be given access to the Collab365 Academy so you can watch the recordings of the Workshop. You will also be sent a Teams invite to join live when Matt Presents.
($197 Value)
3 Foundation Micro Courses 
If you'd like a primer into Teams, SharePoint, Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents then these 3 courses are for you. 
($97 Value)
Lifetime access to the Collab365 Academy (inc. learning paths)
We believe that learning should be a continuous experience. As soon as you purchase, you will be added to the Collab365 Academy to meet other members and enjoy all of the content on offer in this Challenge (and more). Once in the Academy, you can start learning immediately by following our specially curated learning paths.
($297 Value)
Unlock your Member Perks Area
We've also compiled an every growing list of offer in our "member perks" space. In this space you will find playbooks, courses and fantastic discounts. Note: To incentivise you to learn, you need to pass the Microsoft 365 Foundation Micro Course test (which takes less than 20 minutes). 
(Massive Value)

"SharePoint is still the Swiss Army Knife of many organisations. It's time to learn how to use all the tools, not just one or two." 

I think SharePoint is still the most critical service in the Microsoft 365 eco-system and is the best skill for you to acquire, here are three reasons why...

  • SharePoint is often the most common place to store an organisation's files and content. For example, if you didn't know, SharePoint is the service behind Microsoft Teams "files".
  • SharePoint Lists are hugely popular. They power everything from vacation bookings to asset registers.
  • SharePoint serves up millions of Intranet pages across thousands of businesses every day.

Read more ...

Managing and understanding lists, libraries, columns, sites, web parts, groups and permissions are some of the most important skills you can gain as a Microsoft 365 professional.

SharePoint is often referred to as the Swiss Army Knife of business. However, if you don't know how to use all the different tools then you're really missing out!

Who is Matt Weston?

Matt is one of the most popular Collab365 instructors we've ever had. He has wowed thousands of people via Workshops, Challenges and many sessions at our online conferences.

Our promise ..

If you can give us 8 hours over two days, I promise you that you will become more productive, confident and get more stuff done in less time.

The Training Bundle is packed full of SharePoint and "Power Platform" content here's why you should learn it...

Power Platform is the name Microsoft uses to denote a set of 4 services that help power users build solutions on top of Office 365 without any coding skills.  

Power Apps

Power Apps is a suite of apps, services, connectors and a data platform that provides a rapid development environment to build custom apps for your business needs.

Power automate

Power Automate allows you to create automated workflows between a massive selection of services to synchronise files, get notifications, collect data, and more.

Power BI

Power BI allows you to visualise data from various data sources to build reports and dashboards. Many different controls enable you to present the data to make it easy to understand.

Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents lets you create chatbots that can respond to questions typed in by customers, other employees, or visitors to your website or service. BOTS can be created using a visual builder that requires no coding knowledge.

Why is the Power Platform an excellent career choice?

  • In-Demand: There's now massive demand for No-Code developers who can build solutions ranging from vacation booking to time recording apps.
  • Easy to Learn: In the Collab365 Academy, we welcome beginners. We've plenty of training material to lower you into the Power Platform as well as other complimentary services such as Teams and SharePoint.
  • It's great fun: Being able to build an application so quickly is rewarding and allows you unleash your creative side.
  • Work from home: As Power Platform solutions are all built (in the Cloud), it's really easy to work remotely and this is what many companies accommodate. 
  • Well Paid: If you search for roles requiring Power Platform skills, it's not uncommon to see roles offering over $100K.
  • No need to code: Learning to be a developer, who can code proficiently, can take years. The Power Platform has been created to support business users who have no-coding knowledge. You can build a very powerful application in days not months/years.
  • It's the future-proof: Over the next few years, we're going to see a world where many jobs disappear through automation. Having skills that are in-demand will ensure longevity in your career.

Workshop Agenda:

This workshop will be held over 2 days of 4 hours each. Matt Weston MVP will teach you how to achieve the following.


Day 1
  • SharePoint and it’s role in Microsoft 365
  • Communication vs Teams sites
  • Creating sites
  • Creating and managing Lists and Libraries
  • Columns and Content Types
  • Pages and News


Day 2
  • Home sites, Hub Sites and Global Navigation
  • SharePoint Admin Centre
  • Sharing and permissions

This purchase also includes a lifetime account in the Collab365 Academy ...

Your Collab365 Account gives you:
  • Lifetime Access to 200+ hours of Office 365 training videos. (view all sessions)
  • Exclusive access to private spaces in the Academy.
  • Foundation Micro-Courses for SharePoint, Power BI, Microsoft 365 and Excel
What is the Collab365 Academy?
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  • The home for all of our content inc. workshops, courses, summits, ebooks ...
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What is the Video Bundle? The Collab365 Video Bundle gives you lifetime access to 200+ hours of training videos from 10 of our virtual summits. Once you've purchased all of your content will be accessible on this site.

Meet your Workshop Host...

Matt has presented at all of our recent Collab365 Summits. He always over delivers for his audiences and is one of our "go to experts" when we need help.

Matt also proved his skills by building out our entire Speaker on-boarding flow for our summits using Teams, Power Platform and SharePoint.

Matt Weston, Microsoft MVP

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