How to Enhance Your work management with Microsoft Lists

Make Lists Your Lightweight Document and Data launchpad

highlights of this WORKSHOP:
  • OVERVIEW: Learn all you can do with Microsoft Lists - your smart information tracking app in Microsoft 365. See how Lists evolve from SharePoint lists to empower individuals and teams to create, share and track information
  • LEARN: How Lists integrates seamlessly with Teams bringing your work side-by-side with your conversations
  • EXPLORE: There is more you can do with list than you thought - at a low cost to your team. Create integrations with the Power Platform to unlock great cost savings just as you would with SharePoint
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The Workshop Starts at 3pm UTC on 8th February
Registration Ends on 8th February at 8am UTC 
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As a long time Project Manager who has generally worked in Microsoft technologies and has always been a user of Microsoft technologies, my experience has taught me two things:

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What You’ll learn from this Workshop

How Microsoft Lists can be your smart information tracking app in Microsoft 365. See how it has evolved from SharePoint lists and where it is headed into 2023.

We will teach you how to use and create views, configure conditional formatting, adjust forms, use rules, and more. Plus, we will highlight no-code and low-code integrations leveraging integrated tools from the Power Platform - Power Apps for customizing forms, Power Automate to design complex flows, and Power BI to visualize and analyze your data.

You'll come into this session new to Lists and will leave a List maker

Where Does Lists Fit?

Mark will explore lists fits into the SP expansion programme and broader M365 portfolio

Lists for Mobile

Where lists unlocks portable experiences that SharePoint may struggle with.

How Lists Supports Consumers as well as Business

Learn How to Use Lists not just in the work place, but also to support and help lifestyle experiences 

Customisation with JSON

How to turn lists into something your teams will want to use and embed seamlessly within your overall experience in Microsoft 365

How to Integrate with Lists

Where and what you can achieve by plugging into native List integration and where you can extend capabilities

How to Govern and Control List usage 

Where the guardrails exists and how you can set up to achieve the balance of ease of use whilst avoiding list chaos

Workshop Agenda:

This Masterclass will be held over 3 hours and covers:


Part 1 - Using SharePoint to build your PROJECT HUB
  • Introduction to SharePoint and MS Teams  
  • Interactive session - What is a "project"? Do I really do ‘project management’?
  • Interactive session - What are the ingredients of a great project management environment?
  • Build your PROJECT HUB in SharePoint 


Part 2 - Using Teams to do your best work!
  • Keeping projects simple – the Kanban approach to projects 
  • Using Microsoft Planner  to organise and manage your tasks
  • Project reporting with Power BI
  • Bringing it all together... 

Meet your Workshop Host...

I am passionate about learning!

My first degree was in English Literature and History, which I followed up with further qualifications in Applied Women's Studies and then Health Studies. In my previous roles as a registered clinician prior to forming The Fantastic Thinking Company Limited, I was a team leader responsible for the ongoing training and development of healthcare professionals with a focus on human factors, communication, situational awareness, risk and emergency drills.

My background gives me a unique insight into the ongoing development and delivery of practical training courses and what is needed to support learners when they are back in their day-to-day working environment. I am constantly looking for ways to make what TFTC does more engaging and effective for our learners; from toolkit development to card decks to the use of light and sound in the learning environment… If it helps people learn and quickly embed new skills, I want to know about it.

In my spare time, you will often find me with my head inside several books, out on a run or in a yoga pose when I'm not exploring my new found passion for chess!

Lynzie Cotton, Fantastic Thinking Company

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