How To Use Microsoft Lists To Organize And Streamline Your Business

Delve deep into Microsoft 365's gem, Microsoft Lists, with Mark Kashman, a seasoned product manager from Microsoft. Unearth its evolution from SharePoint, tailor your experience with customizations, and harness it for both work and lifestyle efficiencies. Through this compact 3-hour workshop, you'll not only streamline workflows but also discover how Lists interplay with Teams, Mobile, and Power Platform. Whether you're aiming for business advancement or personal productivity, let Mark's expertise guide you in unlocking the unparalleled potential of Microsoft Lists.

mark kashman, microsoft

Key highlights in this training:

  • OVERVIEW: See how Microsoft Lists evolve from SharePoint lists to empower individuals and teams to create, share and track information.
  • LEARN: How Microsoft Lists integrates seamlessly with Teams bringing your work side-by-side with your conversations.
  • INTEGRATE: There is more you can do with Microsoft Lists than you thought - at a low cost to your team. Create integrations with the Power Platform to unlock great cost savings just as you would with SharePoint.
  • CUSTOMISE: Learn how to customise your Lists using JSON, Views, formatting and more!

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"We Use Lists A Lot For Our Event Planning" 

Fraser Beadle, Collab365 

As a seasoned Project Manager, I've learned to keep things simple. I've been using Microsoft technologies for years and I've found that when it comes to storing data, I need something that is highly portable and easy for others to use. That's where Microsoft Lists comes in.

Keep it simple: Microsoft Lists are perfect for my needs, and I don't have to overcomplicate things with a highly-architected and feature-rich project management dashboard when I'm running a small portfolio of product initiatives.

Save money: Another thing I've learned is to watch the pennies. Microsoft licenses can get expensive, but I've found that there are affordable options that give me exactly what I need. Microsoft Lists is included in basic licenses, and it has way more features than I need. Lists are a no-brainer for us at Collab365 for many of our workloads.

What You’ll learn from this Workshop

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft 365 with the ultimate smart information tracking tool - Microsoft Lists. Discover how this powerful app has evolved from SharePoint lists and where it's headed in 2023.

Join our expert, Mark Kashman (Microsoft), as he guides you through the process of creating and using views, configuring conditional formatting, customizing forms with Power Apps, designing complex flows with Power Automate, and visualizing and analyzing your data with Power BI.

By the end of this Workshop, you'll be a pro at creating lists, and you'll be able to streamline your workflow and boost your productivity like never before. Don't miss out on this opportunity to master Microsoft Lists and take your business to the next level!

Where Does Lists Fit?

Mark will explore how Microsoft Lists fits into the SharePoint expansion programme and broader Microsoft 365 portfolio.

Lists for Mobile

Where lists unlocks portable experiences that SharePoint may struggle with.

How Lists Supports Consumers as well as Business

Learn How to use Microsoft Lists not just in the work place, but also to support and help lifestyle experiences. 

Customisation with JSON

How to turn lists into something your teams will want to use and embed seamlessly within your overall experience in Microsoft 365.

How to Integrate with Lists

Where and what you can achieve by plugging into native List integration and where you can extend capabilities.

How to Govern and Control List usage 

Where the guardrails exists and how you can set up to achieve the balance of ease of use whilst avoiding list chaos.

Workshop Agenda:

This Masterclass will be held over 3 hours and covers:


Part 1 - Discover Lists
  • Lists overview & use cases
  • The Roadmap for Lists
  • Lists with Teams
  • Lists with Mobile
  • Open Q&A


Part 2 - Take Your Usage To The Next Level
  • Use Views, formatting, rules, and more to bring Lists to life for your team
  • Extending Lists with the Power Platform
  • Feedback & Stories
  • Open Q&A

Meet your Workshop Host...

Mark is a senior product manager at Microsoft focused primarily on Microsoft Lists and SharePoint in Microsoft 365. He has worked at MSFT since 2000.

He started working with SharePoint building a digital asset management (DAM) solution built on top of SharePoint 2007 (IMM, the Interactive Media Manager) before moving to the SharePoint team.

Mark co-hosts The Intrazone podcast ( – a show about the SharePoint intelligent intranet.

He lives in the Sammamish, WA area and enjoys kayaking, soccer, hiking, Dad’ness, and quiet-bird-chirping moments for reading and writing books – when not playing that darned addictive Bejeweled. Twitter/@MKashman

Mark Kashman, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft

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