Build a Fully-Working Power App, from Scratch, in 90-minutes!

No Coding Required: Gain a certification by the end of the day:
Power Apps JumpStart Challenge
Our Power Apps Challenge can work even if you've no idea what Power Apps is or what it can do for you! You can also use a free tenant from Microsoft to build your new app!

After you complete the Challenge, you will be able to turn a tedious manual 'clock-in/out' process... 

...into stunning, interactive & shareable applications usable on every device...

... once you've graduated you will be able to add this to your Skills Porfolio:

Here's what one of our recent graduates thought...


Collaboration Solutions Analyst

Enlightened. Had a blast and I love the app! Keeper!

I needed to understand Power Apps formulas and have an idea of the why's and order. The coach explained it clearly and put it in terms that made it easy to understand and now I get to show off my skills at work. Not only that, if asked I can explain why I did something instead of saying, "This is what I found online and this should work.", without being able to explain the why it would work.

The pace of the course was great. I was able to complete it between leaving work and before my next call.

The detailed explanations and the short challenges along the way for me to try first before being shown how to successfully complete were fantastic. It was a moment to show that I understood and was comfortable enough with what I had learned.

What is the Power Apps JumpStart Challenge?

The Power Apps JumpStart Challenge is comprised of a set of missions that take around 90-minutes to complete and teach you how to create a mobile application from scratch. 

You can start taking the Power Apps JumpStart Challenge within minutes of registering.  


We've built the challenge to be fun and rewarding so you can expect some surprises 😀 


Normal courses have low completion rates. Most people pass our Challenge!

What do I need to have set up to take the challenge?

If you are wondering, "Can I do this challenge?" ... the answer is YES. And the setup you'll need is really easy
No Previous skills necessary

We've built the Challenge for anyone to follow along with, so you don't need any previous skills. Knowing a bit about Excel or being a bit 'technically minded' is really helpful but we'll give you what you need along the way.

A PC and Mobile device

To follow along with the building aspects, you will need access to a browser, and the ability to download apps from either the Microsoft, iOS or Google Play stores on your mobile device. It's very easy to install and 100% free. We also show you how, just in case. 

(optional) Microsoft 365 Tenant

To get the most out of the Challenge, you'll want to practice building, sharing and using applications. You'll do this via the Power Platform.  You can get access to Microsoft 365 including the relevant Power Platform licenses as part of a free M365 Developer Licence. There's also a very cheap paid alternative called a Microsoft Business Basics licence (around USD $5pcm). Or, you can use your own Microsoft 365 Tenant. 

Unsure if Power Apps is worth learning? Here are a few reasons why it's an excellent career choice...

A quick search on "Google Trends" illustrates how many Google searches Power Apps has attracted (over the last 5 years) ... and we've not even started yet!
Check out these 2 job roles from indeed..

What skills will you gain on this Challenge?

This JumpStart Challenge is designed to be quick, to the point and above all, get you new skills and a Power Apps Application in your hands in no time.  We won't bog you down with jargon, we will just teach you what you need to know. 

Challenge missions:

  • What are apps and why do we need them?
  • Navigating the Power Apps Dashboard
  • Installing Power Apps mobile
  • A tour of the Power Apps Studio interface
  • Shapes, Text & Image controls
  • Writing your first low-code formula
  • Geographical data using third-party connectors
  • Setting variables to store information about the users device
  • Creating data infrastructure using Microsoft Lists
  • Button, Slider & Timer controls
  • Creating new and updating existing records in your list
  • Setting up a break timer using control formulas and timer properties
  • Calculating Dates & Times
  • Merging data & strings together
  • User experience with conditional actions
  • Merging logical test to enhance if formulas
  • Publishing apps & version control

Here's Connor From Collab365 who has helped 100s of Challengers Graduate...

All Graduates Are Awarded The JumpStart Challenger Certificate (Value $7)

We've partnered with Credly to offer certifications, meaning you will be able to show-off your new skills on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Being able to prove you've built a completed Power Apps Application adds immediately credibility to your professional profile!

So here's the offer ... for just $97 you get to take the Power Apps JumpStart Challenge + these bonuses (value: $201)!

Power Apps JumpStart Challenge
Power Apps JumpStart Challenge
Grab Lifetime access to all the Challenge recordings hosted in the Collab365 Academy.
($97 Value)
Power Apps Cheat Cards
We provide the formulas and expressions in a beautiful cheat card format that you can refer to and understand with ease.
Collab365 Academy Community*
The Collab365 Academy is growing fast with over 4300 members. You will be granted access to meet your peers and ask questions.
($97 Value)
Industry Recognised Credly Certificate Included
We've partnered with Credly to offer certifications, meaning you will be able to show-off your new skills on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
($7 Value)

* To give you accountability and extra incentive to complete the Challenge, this resource will automatically be gifted to you when you pass the final quiz. 

Total Value: $201

Do YOU Want to learn Power Apps for only $201 $97!

Can you see yourself on here?

Every single graduate is added to our "Wall of Fame" in the Academy. This is your chance to show off your new Power Apps skills.

Collab365 Wall of Fame

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