Master the fundamentals of Power Automate in just 90-mins (and earn a certification)!

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  • No coding skills needed
  • Credly Certification
  • Takes 90 minutes
  • Works for Beginners

Our Power Automate JumpStart Challenge can work even if you've no idea what Power Automate is or what it can do for you!

After you complete the Challenge, you'll be able to identify business problems that you currently use manual processes to solve .. and automate them! 

...all using mouse clicks, selecting actions & saving its SO simple to use...

... once you've graduated you will be able to add this to your Skills Porfolio:

Here's what one of the recent graduates from a JumpStart Challenge thought ...

dave saunders

dave saunders

Founder, Data Mining 4u

Simple, watch and do, this approach is easier to digest

Dave Saunders describes his experience with the JumpStart course as a "really good experience". He particularly values the 'watch and do' training approach, labeling it as an "ideal" method for information processing. Dave appreciates the structured format of the challenge which he says is set out in a "nice flow" and "bite size sections" that facilitate digestion of information. He recognises the unique simplicity of this course stating, "Simple, watch and do, this approach is easier to digest". 

When reflecting on the Power Automatic Challenge, he says it's a "great start to learning the basics, setting a great foundation to build on". The challenge has had a positive influence on Dave's ambitions in Power Automate, leading him to conclude, "I think the challenge helped test my understanding and improved my base, I will be definitely be using more of it in the future". Finally, he considers the JumpStart approach to be a "great way to either start a new skill or help build confidence in an existing skill reinforcing knowledge", and expresses his enthusiasm to "start the new one soon".

What is the Power Automate JumpStart Challenge?

The Power Automate JumpStart Challenge is comprised of a set of short lessons (all around 5 mins mostly) that take about 90-minutes to complete. They teach you when to reach for Power Automate, what it is and how to use and implement Power Automate flows from scratch. 

You can start taking the Power Automate JumpStart Challenge within minutes of registering.  


We've built the challenge to be fun and rewarding so you can expect some challenges and questions along the way


Normal courses have low completion rates. Most people pass our Challenge! We'll also be adding more soon!

What do I need to have set up to take the challenge?

If you are wondering, "Can I do this challenge?" ... the answer is YES. And the setup you'll need is really easy
No Previous skills necessary

We've built the Challenge for anyone to follow along with, so you don't need any previous skills. Knowing a bit about Microsoft 365 or being a bit 'technically minded' is really helpful but we'll give you what you need along the way.

A PC or Mac

To follow along with the building aspects, you will need access to a browser, and the ability to access the Power Automate build site. So long as you have a Microsoft 365 licences, It's very easy and 100% free. We also show you how to get a free licence, just in case. 

(optional) Microsoft 365 Tenant

To get the most out of the Challenge, you'll want to practice building and using applications. You'll do this via the Power Platform.  You can get access to Microsoft 365 including the relevant Power Platform licenses as part of a free M365 Developer Licence. There's also a very cheap paid alternative called a Microsoft Business Basics licence (around USD $5pcm). Or, you can use your own Microsoft 365 Tenant. 

Unsure if Power Automate is worth learning? Here are a few reasons why it's an excellent career choice...

Power Automate and the Power Platform in general are becoming more and more popular. Speed and productivity are in such focus with the advent of AI tools and helpers. We now more then ever need to get things done more quickly, with less effort and with more precision than we can by simply using manual processes. 

Power Automate is for everyone from a inexperienced business user to an IT professional
Check out these 2 job roles from indeed..

What skills will you gain on this Challenge?

This JumpStart Challenge is designed to be quick, to the point and above all, get you new skills and confidence using Power Automate in no time.  We won't bog you down with jargon, we will just teach you what you need to know. 

Challenge Lessons:

  • Why Is Power Automate Helpful?
  • What Is Power Automate and How to Access It?
  • Example: How To Quickly Save Messages To OneNote from Teams
  • Example: How To Get A Reminder To Follow up later
  • How To Get Started Fixing Flows
  • Build: How To Build a Flow To Store Some Data
  • Build: How To Get Data From Email Automatically 
  • Build: Store Email Data in Excel Automatically
  • Build: Working With Data and Getting At What You Need
  • Build: Adding Approvals Into Your Flows
  • Quiz: How Much Have You Learned? (Earn your Credly Badge!)

Here's Jon (Your Coach For This Challenge) To Explain Why Our Challenges Can Help You  Graduate...

All Graduates Are Awarded The JumpStart Challenger Certificate (Value $7)

We've partnered with Credly to offer certifications, meaning you will be able to show-off your new skills on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Being able to prove you've built a completed Power Apps Application adds immediately credibility to your professional profile!

So here's the offer ... for just $27 $97 you get to take the Power Automate JumpStart Challenge + these bonuses (value: $228)!

Power Apps JumpStart Challenge
Power Automate JumpStart Challenge
Grab Lifetime access to all the Challenge recordings hosted in the Collab365 Academy.
($97 Value)
Power Automate Quick Wins For MS Teams (Posts)
Building on the Templates work you will do, we'll give you more suggestions and tips for how to use Power Automate directly from Teams - to help your team save time.
($27 Value)
Collab365 Academy Community*
The Collab365 Academy is growing fast with over 4300 members. You will be granted access to meet your peers and ask questions.
($97 Value)
Industry Recognised Credly Certificate Included
We've partnered with Credly to offer certifications, meaning you will be able to show-off your new skills on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
($7 Value)

* To give you accountability and extra incentive to complete the Challenge, this resource will automatically be gifted to you when you pass the final quiz. 

Total Value: $228

Do YOU Want to learn Power Apps for only $228 $27!

Can you see yourself on here?

Every single graduate is added to our "Wall of Fame" in the Academy. This is your chance to show off your new Power Apps skills.

Collab365 Wall of Fame

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