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Intranet Insights 2024 on April 24th will teach you how to revitalize a dying SharePoint Intranet through cutting-edge AI, Teams, and SharePoint tactics. Immerse yourself in expert-led sessions designed to make your intranet a place your colleagues love.

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Harness Your Intranet's Potential at Intranet Insights

Weaving Copilots, Viva Connections, Teams, and SharePoint into a cohesive digital environment may seem overwhelming and challenging. But the real value of a digital workspace comes from combining their strengths effectively. Intranet Insights 2024 is your guide to making sense of all the options we have, helping you achieve digital success.

Here’s what you’ll gain by attending:

  • Streamlined Integration: Understand how to seamlessly blend Teams and SharePoint, enhancing communication and project management.
  • Practical AI Applications: Dive into how AI can be intelligently integrated into your SharePoint for efficiency, creating a more intuitive and responsive intranet environment.
  • Productive Workplaces: Discover strategies to engage your staff and foster a productive digital ecosystem they'll be excited to use.
  • Real-World Solutions: Get insights from successful implementations and practical advice you can apply immediately.

By joining us, you're not just attending another conference; you're embarking on a journey to transform your digital workspace. Uncover practical blueprints, forge connections with industry leaders, and dive deep into strategies that will empower you to harmonize these powerful tools. Elevate your intranet beyond mere functionality – turn it into the heart of your digital strategy.

Secure your spot now and be the architect of a digital workplace that not only thrives but inspires. Intranet Insights 2024 is your first step towards mastering the art of digital workplace synergy. Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers.

Intranet Insights: April 24th 1:30pm - 8pm UTC, Online

Unlock exclusive strategies and secrets at Intranet Insights 2024 – the event that will transform your digital workplace. Beyond just another conference, we offer an unparalleled, free journey to evolving your SharePoint intranet into an essential, vibrant core of your organization.

Intranet Insights 2024 - Agenda and Timings:

Intranet Insights Keynote by Microsoft
Mark Kashman, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

Microsoft Senior Product Manager, Mark Kashman will be joining us to give you a very warm welcome and to tell you what's in store for Intranet Insights.

Gerry Brimacombe
Build your Intranet: Plan for Success & Design for Engagement
Gerry Brimacombe, CEO, Lightlever

Picture kick-starting an intranet that pulses at the core of your company. Gerry Brimacombe, a virtuoso in intranet development, shares a battle-tested blueprint for making this dream tangible. This workshop transcends mere layout and development; it's about sparking a fire of participation throughout your entire company. Step into a masterclass where concepts transform into actionable insights, equipping you to create an intranet that’s not just appreciated but indispensable. Skipping this means bypassing the cornerstone of digital workplace triumph.

Session Abstract:

You have decided to leverage SharePoint to take your organization to the next level: it's time to build an intranet. Join intranet specialist and author, Gerry Brimacombe, as he guides you through proven steps he has used to develop hundreds of intranets. This session will guide you to develop a manageable plan, and execute that plan in a way that guarantees success. Gerry will also walk you through a detailed Design process to create an intranet that everyone will love, and use. This session is based on Gerry's intranet build book, SharePoint in Practice (

Richard Harbridge
Microsoft 365 Intranets In The AI & Employee Experience Era
Richard Harbridge, CTO, 2ToLead

Embark on a journey to the forefront of innovation with Richard Harbridge, revealing how AI is reshaping intranets in Microsoft 365. This is far beyond a mere update; it's a transformative shift in how we engage employees and propel digital evolution. Unearth innovative approaches to harness AI for forging captivating, tailored employee experiences that propel your organization ahead. This session is your gateway to activating an intranet that optimizes efficiency, transforming it into a crucial asset in your digital toolkit.

Session Abstract:

In the era of digital transformation being led by AI and advances in Employee Experience today, Microsoft 365 intranets have evolved beyond simple information hubs into dynamic platforms that drive engagement, integration, and personalized experiences. With AI technologies like Microsoft Copilot, users and creators are empowered to craft more compelling pages effortlessly, enhancing communication through multi-channel and multi-modal strategies. This session will spotlight how tools such as Viva Connections, Viva Amplify, Viva Engage, Copilot, Copilot for Microsoft 365 and more, can revolutionize the way organizations communicate, engage, and personalize within their digital workplaces.

Join industry expert and Microsoft MVP Richard Harbridge as he shares insights that help organizations harness the full potential of their Microsoft 365 intranet. Richard will dive into the strategic evolution of intranets, highlighting how AI-enhanced platforms and rich Employee experiense are not just transforming intranet strategies but are pivotal in fostering a connected, engaged, and continuously learning workplace environment. Discover how to make your intranet more than an information center—turning it into a cornerstone for achieving business objectives and enhancing organizational culture.

Nate Chamblerlain
Harmonizing SharePoint Intranets and Microsoft Teams: A Strategic Duo for Every Organization
Nate Chamberlain, Business Analyst, Postal Commission

Elevate your SharePoint and Microsoft Teams experience with insights from Nate Chamberlain. Dive into the advanced functionalities and discover how these platforms can work in tandem to boost your organizational efficiency and collaboration. This workshop delves deep into integrating SharePoint's comprehensive content management system with the dynamic communication features of Teams, creating a seamless digital environment that propels your workplace forward. For those committed to achieving excellence in operations, Chamberlain's session is an invaluable opportunity you won't want to miss.

Session Abstract:

In the era of digital collaboration, many organizations grapple with the question: "Do we need a SharePoint Intranet if we already use Microsoft Teams?" This session, "Harmonizing SharePoint Intranets and Microsoft Teams: A Strategic Duo for Every Organization," aims to demystify this dilemma by providing a comprehensive comparison and highlighting the synergistic potential of integrating both platforms, irrespective of organizational size.

Understanding that Microsoft Teams excels as a real-time collaboration tool while SharePoint Intranet serves as a robust repository for knowledge management and corporate communications, this presentation will explore the distinct advantages and limitations of each platform. Attendees will gain insights into how Teams facilitates immediate communication and project collaboration through chat, meetings, and integrated apps, and how SharePoint Intranet offers a structured environment for storing, organizing, and sharing documents and resources on a wider scale.

Key takeaways from this session include:

  • Complementary Strengths: An in-depth look at how SharePoint Intranet and Teams complement each other, with SharePoint providing a comprehensive content management system and Teams offering agile communication channels.
  • Integration Strategies: Practical strategies for integrating SharePoint with Teams to create a seamless digital workplace that leverages the best features of both platforms, including shared document libraries, intranet pages accessible via Teams, and enhanced search capabilities.
  • Enhancing User Adoption: Tips for driving adoption and ensuring users understand the value and functionality of both platforms

By the end of this session, participants will not only understand the unique benefits and challenges associated with Teams and SharePoint but also how to strategically deploy both to create a more connected, efficient, and resilient digital workplace. This session is ideal for IT professionals, digital workplace strategists, and organizational leaders seeking to optimize their collaborative ecosystems and ensure their teams have access to the tools they need to succeed, regardless of their organization's size.]

Eric Riz
Maximizing Engagement and Productivity: Strategies for Successful SharePoint Intranet Adoption
Eric Riz, Founder, Emark Consulting

Eric Riz takes you on a deep dive into the heart of successful SharePoint intranet adoption, where engagement and productivity intersect. Discover practical strategies and insider tips to transform your intranet into the ultimate tool for enhancing collaboration and efficiency. This session is about making your intranet indispensable, ensuring it's not just another platform, but the platform that powers your organizational success.

Session Abstract:

In today's rapidly evolving digital workplace, the adoption of SharePoint as a central intranet platform plays a pivotal role in streamlining communication, enhancing collaboration, and consolidating organizational resources. This session aims to explore comprehensive strategies and best practices for fostering successful SharePoint intranet adoption within organizations. We will delve into the critical aspects of user engagement, change management, and the cultivation of a digital workplace culture that aligns with organizational goals and user needs.

Participants will gain insights into effective planning and implementation approaches that ensure widespread adoption and maximize the intranet's value as a dynamic tool for knowledge sharing, project management, and community building. The session will cover key topics including personalized user experiences, the importance of governance and training, and leveraging SharePoint's versatile features to meet diverse departmental requirements.

Through a blend of theoretical frameworks and practical case studies, attendees will learn how to overcome common adoption challenges, measure success through analytics and feedback, and continuously evolve the intranet to keep pace with organizational growth and technological advancements. This session is designed for IT professionals, project managers, and organizational leaders seeking to enhance their SharePoint intranet's impact on operational efficiency and employee engagement.

Kelly Edinger
Unlock the Power of your SharePoint Intranet with Viva Connections
Kelly Edinger, MCT, 253 Consulting

Kelly Edinger warmly invites you to delve into the captivating world of Viva Connections, where the power of SharePoint intranet and Teams merge to revolutionize employee engagement. This session is designed to guide you through the seamless integration of Viva, fostering a unified and personalized digital workspace that nurtures and empowers every member of your team, no matter their role or location. Dive into the secrets of utilizing Viva Connections to cultivate a more connected, engaging, and productive digital atmosphere for all.

Session Abstract:

Imagine a vibrant digital plaza where your organization’s heartbeats—SharePoint and Teams—converge. Viva Connections is that magical gateway, connecting the dots for your employees. Viva Connections offers a seamless digital hub that brings together frontline workers and information workers, regardless of their location or device. Viva Connections integrates Microsoft 365 apps and 3rd party tools, delivering personalized news, announcements, and resources directly to employees.

Join us as we explore how Viva Connections empowers organizations to:

  1. Tailor Content by Audience: create up to 10 distinct experiences per tenant and tailor further by audience targeting content within each experience.
  2. Navigate Content Effortlessly: Provide employees with a unified dashboard to simplify access to news, events, pay & benefits.
  3. Connect to Critical Business Applications: Provide quick access to business applications like Workday, ServiceNow, Viva Learning, Shifts, and more.

Get ready to revolutionize employee engagement. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

Gerry Brimacombe
Transformative Intranet Success: A Real-World Journey with SharePoint
Gerry Brimacombe & David Derby, Lightlever

Let's dive into the truth. Join Gerry Brimacombe for a no-holds-barred exploration of two distinct SharePoint intranet development endeavors. We're privileged to welcome David Derby, the driving force behind both projects, now serving with the Nova Scotia Provincial Government. With Gerry as the SharePoint expert and David steering the client's vision, these collaborations spanned diverse landscapes. This session promises an unfiltered examination of successes and stumbling blocks. Embrace the invaluable insights harvested from these experiences—they're the crucial link transforming your plans into tangible successes.

These intranet stories have happy endings, but not without some thrills and chills along the way.

This session offers a unique blend of inspiration and practicality, detailing two real-world success stories of intranet implementation with SharePoint. Learn from the trenches what works and what can go wrong. Learn what it actually takes to design, deploy, and derive value from an intranet that transforms your organizational culture and productivity. If you're looking for a blueprint to intranet success that's honest, proven and innovative, this session is your pivotal turning point.

Session Abstract:

Enter the heart of digital transformation in this compelling case study session led by Gerry Brimacombe, a seasoned intranet specialist. Gerry’s viewpoint will be tempered and enhanced by the client representative and Project Sponsor on both project, David Derby. Through an in-depth walkthrough of real projects, Gerry will reveal how strategic planning, innovative design, and effective engagement practices can turn a vision for an intranet into a reality. This session will explore the challenges faced, solutions implemented, and the remarkable outcomes achieved for a client using SharePoint.

Participants will gain exclusive insights into the project's lifecycle, from initial assessment and planning phases through to execution and beyond. Significant focus will be on what can go wrong and how to resolve those challenges. Discover the pivotal decisions, human connections, tools, and methods that enable Gerry, and you, to deliver SharePoint intranets that meet and exceed client expectations, and enhance collaboration, productivity, and user satisfaction.

This case study is more than an adventure story; it's a blueprint for success. Learn how the principles applied can be tailored to your organization, and what might go wrong. Get a 3D view of the structured yet flexible approach Gerry employs in his comprehensive Build Your Microsoft 365 Intranet Step-By-Step program. Leave with actionable insights and the inspiration to embark on your own journey of intranet excellence.

Who Should Attend?

Intranet Insights is crucial for:

  • IT professionals seeking to leverage SharePoint to its fullest.
  • Communication and HR managers eager to enhance employee engagement.
  • Decision-makers looking for impactful ways to improve company culture and productivity.

Poor intranet experiences lead to frustrated employees who waste time hunting for resources, difficulties working cross-functionally, and lackluster company culture. This results in disengaged workers, high turnover, and loss of productivity that impacts your bottom line.

The good news is you can overhaul your next (or existing) SharePoint Intranet into an amazing employee experience!

Shaping the Future of Intranets Today: Your Personal Invitation

Meet the masterminds turning today’s digital workspaces into the marvels of tomorrow with SharePoint and Microsoft 365. Our lineup isn’t just composed of experts; they’re pioneers at the forefront of digital collaboration revolution.

They’re here for you, bringing years of groundbreaking achievements and ready to unveil strategies that will not only enhance your intranet now but also ensure its resilience in the future. You’re about to be equipped with actionable insights on weaving AI into the fabric of your digital space, maximizing the synergy between SharePoint and Teams, and beyond. Prepare to see your vision of an advanced digital workplace materialize before your eyes.

Gerry Brimacombe

Gerry Brimacombe

Gerry Brimacombe, a principal consultant at Lightlever Systems Inc, leverages his vast experience in developing hundreds of intranets to guide you through creating a SharePoint intranet that guarantees success and engagement.

Richard Harbridge

Richard Harbridge MVP

As a Chief Technical Officer and Microsoft MVP, Richard Harbridge brings cutting-edge insights into how AI and employee experience are transforming Microsoft 365 intranets into dynamic platforms for collaboration and personalization.

Kelly Edinger

Kelly Edinger

Kelly Edinger, owner & principal consultant at 253 Consulting, reveals how Viva Connections can transform your organization by integrating Microsoft 365 apps and third-party tools for unparalleled employee engagement.

Nate Chamblerlain

Nate Chamberlain MVP

Nate Chamberlain, a Microsoft MVP, offers a strategic perspective on harmonizing SharePoint Intranets and Microsoft Teams to foster a more connected, efficient, and resilient digital workplace in 2024.

Eric Riz

Eric Riz

Eric Riz, the President and Principal Consultant at eMark Consulting, shares actionable strategies for successful SharePoint intranet adoption, emphasizing user engagement and digital workplace culture alignment.

mark kashman

Mark is a senior product manager at Microsoft focused primarily on Microsoft Lists and SharePoint in Microsoft 365. He started working with SharePoint building a digital asset management (DAM) solution built on top of SharePoint 2007.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Intranet Insights 2024?

An event designed to showcase the latest strategies, tools, and insights for building a successful intranet using SharePoint, featuring industry experts and practical sessions.

Who should attend Intranet Insights 2024?

IT professionals, digital workplace strategists, organizational leaders, SharePoint administrators, and anyone interested in improving their company's intranet platform.

What topics will be covered at Intranet Insights 2024?

Sessions will include planning and designing engaging intranets, integrating SharePoint with Microsoft Teams, leveraging AI for enhanced employee experience, practical strategies for adoption, and real-world case studies.

How can I register for Intranet Insights 2024?

Details on registration can be found on our event webpage (scroll to the top).

Who do I contact if there's a problem?

Send us an email at and we can help. 

Is there a cost to attend Intranet Insights 2024?

No, this event free for anyone that attends it live. If you'd like lifetime access to the recordings and to become a member of the Collab365 Academy, please check out our All-Access Pass.

Will the sessions be recorded for later viewing?

Yes, all sessions will be recorded and made available to attendees who have purchased access to the recordings here. They're also made available to our Platinum Members.

What is the format of the event? Will there be opportunities for Q&A?

The event will be broadcast with meeting software called Webby. Attendees will be able to use the chat and QandA feature to  with intereact with the host and attendees.

Who are the speakers at Intranet Insights 2024?

Our lineup includes recognized industry experts and Microsoft MVPs with extensive experience in designing and deploying SharePoint intranets.

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