The first step-by-step Workshop that teaches you how to create 4 business Apps using Dataverse and the Power Platform

Without needing to code or have prior experience of Dataverse

This workshop gives you the skills to solve four common and potentially expensive business problems using Dataverse. All four solutions require no coding skills. Microsoft Lists are great but can only take you so far before they become a bottleneck to your business. 

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This on-demand Workshop was presented by Geoff Ables MVP

What 4 Solutions will you build with Dataverse during this Workshop?

You'll learn how to utilise Dataverse with Teams as well as how to create Model-Driven, Portal, and Canvas Power Apps that will help you take the no-code/low code revolution into your business.

An issue reporting solution with Dataverse for Teams

A Sales CRM solution using a Model Driven App

Customer and Partner Portal with Power Apps Portals

Financial Forecasting App with Power Apps Canvas Apps

What You’ll learn from this workshop 

This workshop gives you the skills to solve 4 common and potentially expensive business problems. All no-code/low code solutions using Dataverse.

How to create an Issue Reporting App using Dataverse for Microsoft Teams for safe and secure storage

How to use Model Driven apps and the Dataverse to create a scalable Sales CRM App for your business

How to leverage the functionality of Power App Portals to create external Customer facing sites

How to use a Canvas App integrated with the Dynamics 365 for Sales, the Dataverse and Excel to create a Financial Forecasting App

How to integrate Apps with Teams, SharePoint, Dynamics & more using the Dataverse to host your data

What the Dataverse is and the different apps that use it, along with some Governance best practices

Question: Do You Want to Accelerate Productivity In Your Organisation?

And do you find topics like Dataverse and Power Apps intimidating?

In this 5 hour workshop Geoff is going to show you how to create sophisticated applications using the Dataverse even if you have never written a line of code in your life!

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Would this Workshop benefit me?

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  • Are you and your team frustrated with your IT team never quite getting to your requests [Yes / No]
  • Are you an IT Team that wants to be able to deliver apps faster [Yes / No]
  • You already have Apps working but want a better, more secure and performant way to manage and store the related data [Yes / No]
  • Do you want to learn how to build a Sales CRM App using Dataverse and Model Driven Apps
  • Do you want to know how to build a Customer Partner Portal using Power Apps Portals with Dataverse
  • Do you want to know how to use a Canvas App and Dataverse to help build a Financial forecasting App [Yes / No]
  • Do you want help becoming a Power Platform and Dataverse expert [Yes / No]

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, scroll down below to see what we cover in the Workshop.

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Here's What You'll Gain

At the end of this workshop you will will be able to ...

Use the Dataverse to Securely Power A Number Of Different Applications

Solve 4 Common Business Problems using the Power Platform

Start on the Right Foot with the  Governance Practices You'll Need

Workshop Agenda:

In this workshop, best selling author and MVP Geoff Ables will teach you how to achieve the following.


Part 1: Dataverse for Teams - Build an Issue Reporting App
  • Getting started with a template - Issue Reporting App
  • No-Code: Creating a custom Issue Reporting App
  • Low-Code: Expanding your app with advanced features


Part 2: The Dataverse and Model-Driven Apps - Build a Sales CRM App
  • Model-Driven Power Apps: Getting started with a template - Innovation Challenge
  • No-Code: Creating a Sales Pipeline/CRM App
  • Low-Code: Extending the app with advanced features
  • Understanding Model-Driven Power Apps:
    • - The Dataverse
    • - The User Interface
    • - Security
    • - Outlook Integration
    • - Mobility
    • - Teams and SharePoint Integration


Part 3: Power App Portals - Build a Customer and Partner Portal
  • No-Code: Getting started with a template - customer self-service portal
  • Low-Code: Creating a custom portal to share the Sales Pipeline App externally
  • How Power App Portals integrate with the Dataverse
  • Use cases of other Power App Portals


Part 4: Canvas Power Apps - Build a Financial Forecasting App
  • No-Code: Creating a cash flow forecast report integrating the Sales Pipeline App and Excel
  • Low-Code: Extending the app with advanced features


Part 5: The Meta Dataverse - Understanding the Dataverses
  • Environments for your Dataverses
  • Understanding Dataverse for Teams versus Dataverse
  • Upgrading your Issue Reporting App
  • First party Dataverse applications (Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement)
  • Build vs Buy - Dataverse Advantages
  • Governance: Creating a Citizen Developer Center of Excellence

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Meet your Workshop Host...

Bestselling author, Microsoft MVP, MCT, and international keynote speaker, Geoff Ables is a thought leader on digital customer and employee engagement. Geoff co-authored the "Dynamics CRM 2011 Administrator Bible" and his most recent book, "The LUCK Principle," delivers fresh insight and inspiration into creating people-centric digital workplaces. Geoff is an avid motorcycle and wine enthusiast and has appeared as a guest on "The Impractical Jokers." 

Geoff Ables Microsoft MVP

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