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In this 4-day email course, you will learn to utilise Microsoft 365 tools for efficient project management. You will master Agile delivery with Microsoft Planner, track project details using Microsoft Lists, and extend these tools' capabilities with the Power Platform. 
What's in the course?

Introduction to Microsoft 365 Project Tools

This lesson sets the scene and introduces the use of Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Lists for effective project management.

Agile Delivery with Microsoft Planner: A Practical Guide

This lesson provides a step-by-step guide on using Microsoft Planner for Agile delivery, using a real-world case study.

Time, Estimates, & Assignments Tracking with Lists

This lesson provides a detailed guide on using Microsoft Lists for tracking project time, estimates, and assignments, using a real-world case study.

Extending Planner and Lists with Power Platform

This lesson explores the potential of Microsoft's Power Platform to extend the capabilities of Planner and Lists, including creating mobile apps, automating tasks, and integrating with other tools.