Microsoft Teams Takeover

Say goodbye to yawn-inducing Teams training. This Takeover Bundle is your golden ticket to the carnival of knowledge that was our rip-roaring, ceiling-shattering Microsoft Teams Takeover Event. And the best part? You can watch the lot for free on a 7-day Trial.

5 Teams Experts

highlights from this month long event:

  • Training: Beginners Guide to Microsoft Teams
  • Workshop: Boost Your Team's Efficiency With Power Virtual Agents In Microsoft Teams 
  • Workshop: Maximizing Governance, Adoption, and Data Security with Microsoft Teams
  • Workshop: A Deeper Dive Into Connected Power Virtual Agents 
  • Workshop: Mastering Microsoft Teams: Unleash The Power Of Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Lists And More
  • Training: Advanced Teams Provisioning With Power Automate

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Unlock the Full Potential of Microsoft Teams with the Teams Training Bundle

Maximize Productivity, Boost Collaboration, and Enhance Your Workflows


Dive deep into our expert-led workshops, tackling everything from the 'once upon a time' to the 'happily ever after' of Microsoft Teams. Discover tricks to streamline your workflows, boost team vibes, and amp up productivity. All aboard!

Flexible Learning

We get it, you're busy saving the world - or at least your corner of it. So we've got all the content on replay. Learn on your time, rewind when you want, perfect for pros on the go. Plus, you're now part of the Collab365 Academy (7500+ cool cats included).

Unmatched Value

Swoop up the whole shebang of Microsoft Teams Takeover Conference training, initially tagged at $1,164, with a 7-Day Trial! This deal's hotter than a chimichanga, providing a bang for your buck in professional development.

A Beginners Guide to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, once a simple chatty Cathy, has morphed into a full-fledged Swiss Army knife of work collaboration. In this Live Intro to Teams, our buddy Ben spills the beans on how to rev up your 'team' using 'Teams' - with a side of fresh-off-the-press tips and tricks.


Learn how to use chat, channels, tabs and more to keep your team connected and on track. An opportunity to transform the way you work.

Learn the basics of Teams, Channels and Tabs.

How to efficiently schedule and prepare meetings. Connect anywhere, streamline communication, and improve collaboration.

Where Teams sits in the Microsoft 365 stack.

Learn to chat like a pro with Teams. Start group chats, format messages and collaborate with your team.

How to search for content and Navigate through Teams

How to effortlessly notify specific groups in Teams with tags.

Many more tips direct from an MVP and expert in Microsoft Teams

This session was presented by Ben Stegink MVP.


Mastering Microsoft Teams: Unleash the Power of Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Lists and More

Feeling like you're juggling chainsaws with all this modern collaboration? As remote work skyrockets and teams scatter like pool balls, effective teamwork has become a game of Twister - but harder. Well, fear not, amigo, we've got an antidote:

Say hello to our Mastering Microsoft Teams workshop!

Whether you're a Teams veteran or a wide-eyed newbie, this workshop will turn you into a Teams superhero, ready to optimize, streamline, and supercharge your productivity. So, don't let unfamiliarity with Teams leave you in the dust - get on board the Teams Takeover train and join this Workshop!


This 4-module workshop is designed to help you unlock the full potential of Microsoft collaboration tools, including Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Lists, and more.

Effortlessly automate processes in Teams without coding - including Approvals, Requests and Tasks 

Learn how to apply these concepts across any team, from leadership to operations to project management

Master the essentials of Teams, from meetings and chat to document management, notifications, and etiquette for seamless collaboration

Level up your skills and the productivity of the teams you support

Delve into SharePoint Team Sites and streamline your workflow through site design, version control, permissions, and content organization

Maximize efficiency with Microsoft Lists whilst in the Meeting or Teams experience

THis Session will be presented by...

Geoff Ables MVP
Laura Patterson
Aaron Chatham


Advanced Teams Provisioning Using Power Automate

Cue the spotlight on Matt Weston in this recorded session, where he's gonna spill the beans on crafting a slick Teams provisioning process that handles new team requests, approvals, and all that jazz.

Tired of wading through 'Teams sprawl'? We thought so!

You'll gobble up knowledge on how a user can request a fresh Team and have it auto-magically set up by Power Automate (only if the big boss approves, of course). Bottom line, you'll master how to trim down your provisioning process and sidestep security snafus with the hacks and shortcuts revealed in this session. Pretty sweet, huh?


Maximizing Governance, Adoption, and Data Security with Microsoft Teams: Best Practices and Strategies for Success

Is managing your company's Microsoft Teams usage giving you a headache? Breaking a sweat trying to keep compliance in check and dodge data leaks, all while boosting collaboration and productivity? Join the club, buddy.

A ton of organizations stumble over these hurdles when rolling out Teams, but guess what? There's a lifeline!

With a sturdy governance strategy, you can wave goodbye to sprawl, fines, pesky legal proceedings, and the sting of reputation damage from data leaks or non-compliance. Don't let your organization become another casualty - slide into this enlightening workshop and pick up the essential skills to ace your Teams rollout!


Create the tools and strategies needed to form a successful governance approach which promotes long-term usage and fosters strong Teams adoption.

Learn strategies for driving adoption, including how to develop a training program and change management approach

Understand the role of Teams administrators to manage the platform and support users.

learn how to configure settings and manage permissions

Hear real-world examples of organizations that have successfully implemented governance, adoption, and data security strategies. Gain insights into their best practices and lessons learned

Understand the importance of governance, including the need for policies and procedures for consistent and compliant use of the platform

Explore best practices for securing data , including how to identify and protect sensitive information and prevent data breaches

Learn about tools and features available to enhance collaboration and communication, including integrations with other Microsoft applications

This session was presented by Jasper Oosterveld MVP.


Boost Your Team's Efficiency with Power Virtual Agents in Microsoft Teams

Imagine this: You're in the thick of it, hustling away in Teams, when all of a sudden you gotta log some crucial info or ping another team with a request. In the olden days, this meant you had to ditch Teams and scramble over to another app like Microsoft Forms, email, or SharePoint. Not only does this throw a wrench in your workflow, it also chews up precious time you could spend on the big stuff.

But what if I told you there's a smarter way?

What if you could tick off these tasks without ever leaving the comfy confines of Teams or hopping onto another app? Say hello to Power Virtual Agents - the chatbot whiz kids that let you swap mundane tasks for a simple chit-chat. With these little helpers, you can keep your head in the game and still get things done.

BONUS: Check out how the spanking new AI Co-Pilot buddies up with Power Virtual Agents.


In this workshop, Daniel shows how to harness the power of Power Virtual Agents to transform your workflow and boost productivity in Microsoft Teams.

How to replace mundane tasks - like holiday bookings - using a bot in Teams

How To build a static bot and a dynamic bot

How to plan your use of Topics when building a Power Virtual Agent (Bot)

What Teams Power Virtual Agents are and why we use them

BONUS: Demo of Co-Pilot with chatbots

How to use a Power Virtual Agent to help keep you in the flow of work within Teams

What makes a Power Virtual Agent (including Environments and Topics)

This session was presented by Daniel Christian MVP.


 A Deeper Dive Into Connected Power Virtual Agents

As organizations are constantly on the hunt for efficiency and automation, the cry for advanced chatbots that can automate the boring stuff and tackle complex questions is on the up and up.

But here's the kicker - a lot of users are pulling their hair out trying to craft bots that can fully tap into the superpowers of Power Virtual Agents within Teams...

And that's where our workshop swoops in to save the day. Armed with these skills, you'll be churning out chatbots that do your bidding, delivering top-notch customer service, and streamlining your workflow. You can mesh these into Teams or let them fly solo. Whichever way you roll, don't let this golden opportunity to level up your chatbot game pass you by.


This Workshop is designed to teach you how to build more robust and advanced virtual agents.

How to use Topics and Power Automate together to create more complete agents who can carry out tasks for you from Teams

Understand options to extend and enhance Teams Bots with upcoming features

Build more complex bots that you can trigger from Teams or install standalone - with decision points hosted by the Power Virtual Agents

Enhance a dynamic bot using Power Fx functions

This session was presented by Daniel Christian MVP.

Here's all of the training and resources you're about to get...

4 Half-Day Workshops, 3 Training Sessions, Plus other bonuses:

  • Training: Beginners Guide to Microsoft Teams (value: $97)
  • Workshop: Boost Your Team's Efficiency With Power Virtual Agents In Microsoft Teams (value: $197)
  • Workshop: Maximizing Governance, Adoption, and Data Security with Microsoft Teams (value: $197)
  • Workshop: A Deeper Dive Into Connected Power Virtual Agents (value: $197)
  • Workshop: Mastering Microsoft Teams: Unleash The Power Of Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Lists And More (value: $197)
  • Training: Microsoft Teams Admin (value: $97)
  • Training: Advanced Teams Provisioning With Power Automate (value: $97)
  • CheatSheet: Microsoft Teams Shortcuts (inc Quiz Event) (value: $9)
  • Watch Party: How has Teams Evolved (value: $19)
  • Watch Party: Quick Steps To Creating A Learning Environment In Teams (value: $19)
  • Watch Party: Teams & The Power Platform - The Dynamic Duo (value: $19)
  • Watch Party: How To Replace Emails With Microsoft Teams Adaptive Cards (value: $19)

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