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Build a Power Platform Notifications App to ..

This solution accelerator is ideal if you'd like to be taken, step-by-step through the entire build of a Vacation Request Application built with SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Virtual Agents, and Planner.

what's In the solution accelerator?

  • Step-by-step Playbook
  • Guided Student walkthrough video
  • Regular Ask Me Anything sessions with your coach
  • Private access to Solution Accelerator Space

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You missed out!

Solution Accelerators are the ultimate Power Platform training tool

If you're a creative person that enjoys building things, then you're in luck!

Power Apps, Power Automate, Teams and SharePoint, are all fantastic and can easily be used together to build the solutions you need.

Microsoft has built the equivalent to Lego. At our disposal, we now have the tools to make pretty much anything our minds (or business's) desire!

Unfortunately, using Microsoft 365, just as with Lego, you can easily hit problems. For example, you can build the most fantastic Lego village but then realise that the shiny new truck that mom just bought doesn't even fit in the garage! Even worse, you can run out of bricks!

Our Solution Accelerator helps you build your Power Platform solution whilst also giving you the fundamental learning needed to keep away from issues and not "run out of bricks".

In short, Microsoft gives you the Lego; we give you the build instructions!

Do you fail to complete or get bored with online courses?

At Collab365, we believe that you can't just learn Power Apps and hope for the best. You must have a grasp of all the other pieces required to make bullet-proof solutions that will put a permanent smile across your boss's face.

We also believe that many of us prefer to learn by "doing". So if you're a prolific buyer of online courses but never get past "Module 1", you're not alone.

Online self-paced courses require dedication to complete, and many don't even get started.

Learn It. Build It.

Now compare an online course with a solution accelerator where you follow along and see the working solution unfold before your very own eyes: 

  • It's something you can use in your organization: Once you've built the notifications app, you can then take it away, customise it and start using it to alert your colleagues. 
  • A Solution Accelerator captures your imagination: Building something "real world" triggers the same parts of your brain as building the Death Star out of Lego. Once you've started, you won't want to stop until it's finished!
  • The Playbook is there to guide you: If you prefer to go slowly, step-by-step, then our Playbook is perfect. You can push it to your Kindle and follow along.   
  • Beginner Training (if you need it): If you need some refresher training on Power Apps, Power Automate, Teams or SharePoint, then we've included both video training and ebooks to bring you up to speed. 

A solution built on SharePoint, Power Apps and Power Automate...

This solution can either be built in a free training Tenant (see Microsoft Developer Program) or directly within your own Microsoft Tenant. 

Leverage SharePoint to store and manage your notifications

Learn how to explore and manipulate data in SharePoint Lists to manage your staff notifications

SharePoint Lists can be used in many different scenarios to store the data needed to power your Power Platform solutions. In this Solution Accelerator, you will learn how to use SharePoint to manage the notifications that need to be distributed. 

Use Power Apps to view and receive notifications

Power Apps will be used as the main user interface for your staff to receive notifications. No code needed!

We will also teach you how easy it is to build a Power Apps solution with no code during this stage. Once created, staff will be able to view the notifications that they've subscribed to receive.

Work with Power Automate to glue the solution together

Power Automate is the "brains" in our Power Platform Solution.

Nearly all solutions can benefit from Power Automate to move data around and connect systems up. Our Notifications App is no different as it uses Power Automate to trigger notifications, send notifications and discover the subscribers who want to receive the notifications. 

Vacation Request and management Solution Accelerator

We've put together a package which covers everything you need regardless of experience.

Retail Value: $499

Launch Price: $273  Save 46%


You missed out!

  • Build a Notifications App (original workshop): Mark Stokes presented the original workshop showing the build. In this workshop you will find in-depth and invaluable information detailing how to formulate and manage requirements for a Power Platform Project.
  • 4-Hour Power Apps Beginners Masterclass: This workshop was presented by Aahmad Najjar MVP. This is perfect if you're new to Power Apps.
  • Private access to our Facebook Group: Join our private Facebook Group to ask questions and to share progress with your peers.
  • Whirlwind Tour: Attollo are also giving away a tour of the Power Platform that serves as an excellent way to find out what's available to you!
  • PowerApps Beginners Masterclass Solution: Download all of the samples that were presented in the workshop. 
  • Build a Notifications App (original workshop) Slides: The PowerPoint Slides from this workshop.
  • Step-by-step Playbook: This comprehensive guide documents every step of the build. Follow this and you will have a notification system.
  • Guided walkthrough student video: In addition to the original workshop, we asked Connor to follow the Playbook and to demonstrate the app being built.
  • Beginner Ebooks: You will also receive our 3 beginner Ebooks covering Teams, SharePoint and Power Automate.  
  • Beginner Training Videos: Enjoy 3 beginner sessions from our GlobalCon events. The sessions cover Teams, SharePoint and Power Automate. 
  • Learning Path: Once you've purchased we will direct you to the leaning path which guides you through the logical order to build the solution. 
  • PowerApps Beginners Masterclass Slides: The PowerPoint Slides for this workshop. 

what will you learn?

This Solution Accelerator teaches you how to build a functional notifications app from start to finish. You can follow along by reading the guide or watching the video. If you need to refresh your knowledge, then we've also bundled in some fantastic training materials to get you up to speed!   

Create The SharePoint Lists

We will build 3 SharePoint Lists to manage the notifications, subscribers, and triggers to support your application.

Build Power apps Notification App

To alert your staff and users that there's a new notification, we will build a Power App from scratch!

Create the Flows

To move the notification information between SharePoint, Teams, Outlook and Power Apps we will develop a series of Power Automate flows.

Push Notifications Out

To ensure your staff never miss a notification, we will build a system to push notifications to the end-users mobile, Teams and Outlook.

the solution accelerator will teach you how to build from scratch..

Using the training materials within the Solution Accelerator, you will learn, step-by-step, how to build a notifications system. Then, piece by piece, we will create a solution that allows you to create notifications and send them out.

SharePoint is used to manage the notifications and the subscribers list...

Store Alerts in sharePoint Lists during their various Stages

Manage User Preferences & notification status of the workflow

Use Choice columns to determine if the notification is "Pending" or "Sent".

SharePoint lists To interact with power automate to schedule & send notifications.

easily view & troubleshoot notifications

Power Automate is used to orchestrate the entire notifications process...

initialize a series of flows to trigger when a new Alert becomes available.

Find User Preferences and generate notifications Accordingly.

Send Notifications using relevant Power Automate Connectors.

Receive alerts via email, teams & Mobile Push Notifications.

Power Apps is used to present notifications and alert the end-user on their mobile...

Create a new Power App that connects to data inside of SharePoint.

View new and existing notifications with a Power App

View the details of each notification in a second screen.

Push notifications to the end-users' mobile device.


Ahmad Najjar MVP

Bonus #2: The 4-Hour Power Apps Beginners Masterclass

This online training teaches you how to get started with Canvas Power Apps. Perfect for the Beginner!

  • Introduction & tour of Power Apps Studio
  • Understanding Power Apps Controls
  • Working with Variables and functions
  • Leveraging Components & Groups Controls
  • Connecting to Data Sources

Bonus #3: Beginner Training Videos

You will also get access to 3 beginner training videos from our popular GlobalCon conferences. 

  • Introduction to: SharePoint
  • Introduction to: Teams
  • Introduction to: Power Automate

Bonus #4: Beginner Ebooks

You will also be able to download 3 beginner ebooks that have recently been published.

Microsoft Teams Beginners Guide

Get started with Microsoft Teams with a 42-page guide that will teach you all you need to know from creating and joining teams channels to scheduling meetings and live events plus much more.

SharePoint Power Users Ultimate guide

Learn how to use SharePoint as a data infrastructure. Learn about the various SharePoint site types, document libraries & lists and sharing content externally and within your organisation.

Power automate Beginners Guide

Power Automate is considered the brains of the Power Platform, and this guide will get you started building automated processes using triggers and actions.

Meet Your Trainers ...

Jon ??


Mark is the brains behind the noticfication system and presented a workshop showing how to build it. In his workshop you get  training on how to architect a power platform solution.    

Connor Deasey

collab365 team

Connor created the training video and Playbook for the Solution Accelerator.  Connor is 1 year into his learning of the Power Platform so teaches in terms that beginners will understand. 

Ahmad Najjar MVP

workshop Presenter 

Ahmad presented our 4-hour beginners masterclass which is immediately available when you purchase the Solution Accelerator. 

Want To Accelerate the Skills of your Team?

If you'd like your entire team to learn by going through the Solution Accelerator, please get in touch. We can offer discounts on organizations who need to purchase multiple licenses.

Want Us to install the Solution for you?

If you'd like Collab365 to install the Notifications App for you, we can help*. We offer a package where we can join you on a call and build the solution for you. 

* This offer is subject to availability and demand.

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Can I get refund?

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Can I buy a company pass?

At the moment, only individual passes are available. Please contact us at [email protected] if you'd like to discuss the purchase of more than 5 passes.

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