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You missed out!

  • A complete tour and introduction to the basics of Power BI. 
  • How to fire up Power BI and create your first Report, workspace and dashboard. 
  • How to structure and clean your data so that report-building becomes effortless.
  • How to connect to different data sources and build your data model and much, much more!

Did you know? In just a few clicks, Power BI can turn plain old Spreadsheets ... 

...into stunning, interactive & shareable dashboards viewable on every device...

... so, if you want to master Power BI, we have an incredible offer to get this half-day Power BI fundamentals workshop ...  


Power BI Introduction and Workspace Setup
  • Introduction and Agenda.
  • Power BI Overview
  • Workspace Setup (exercise)
  • Power BI Desktop setup & Intro
  • 2

    Designing, Transforming and Connecting to your Data
  • Data Source Examples
  • Connecting to Multiple data sources 
  • Making Data Transformations (exercise)
  • 3

    Planning for Time Intelligence & Data relationships
  • Date Table Overview
  • Creating a date table with DAX. (exercise)
  • Merging data from multiple sources.
  • Creating relationships and modeling data (exercise)
  • 4

    Report-building basics 
  • Report Creation overview.
  • Pages, Visualizations, and settings
  • Creating a report with our connected data (exercise)
  • 5

    Advanced Features
  • Creating Drill-throughs and Drill-downs (exercise)
  • Other Tips and Tricks
  • Introduction to DAX
  • 6

    Publishing and sharing your report
  • Publishing to your Workspace
  • Viewing on Teams or SharePoint
  • Creating Dashboards
  • As this Power BI workshop is now on-demand, we've re-watched it and have the following to say ...

    It's a time honoured phrase that a picture speaks a thousand words but I've struggled in the past to get beyond excel charts and PowerPoint as my go to medium for creating a convincing argument.

    My instinct is that if I can create something visual that instantly tells a story and double up with a compelling narrative, 9 times out of 10 my intended message will land more clearly and more people will understand the trend or message I want to talk about

    Excel is awesome but in all honesty, I get to a point where combining multiple sources, being dynamic around what's shown and the sheer scale of the data makes me walk away. 

    This workshop opened my eyes to something wonderful ...

    Read more ...

    Transforming and combining data is simple in Power BI. I found that out right away. Using matches within the data was far far easier than I thought and Nick took us through a range of techniques in this area. 

    Then exploring how I could visualise the information in so many new forms was a great part of the workshop.

    The best part? Definitely learning how to slice and dice data dynamically so that I could not only change the focus of my narrative with 1 click but also allow other people to do the same once I published.

    Genuinely a game changer for me. Highly recommend this one if you are like me feeling capable but a bit limited in the tools on offer in Excel or PowerPoint. 

    Still undecided if Power BI is worth it? Here are a few reasons why it's an excellent career choice...

    A quick search on "Google Trends" illustrates how many Google searches Power BI has attracted (over the last 5 years) ... and we've not even started yet!
    • In-Demand: There's now massive demand for people who can create No-Code solutions. Check that chart above!
    • It's great fun: Being able to build a Power BI Dashboard so quickly is rewarding and allows you unleash your creative side. 
    • Work from home: As Power BI solutions are all built in the Cloud, it's really easy to work remotely and this is what many companies accommodate. 
    • Well Paid: If you search for roles requiring Power BI skills, it's not uncommon to see roles offering over $100K.
    • No need to code: Power BI is cool because the closest you get to writing code is writing  formula's, very similar to Excel.
    • It's the future-proof: Over the next few years, we're going to see a world where many jobs disappear through automation. Having skills that are in-demand will ensure longevity in your career.

    So here's the offer ... for just $10, you get the full workshop recording, resources + these bonuses (value: $420)!

    Power BI Fundamentals Workshop Recording + Resources
    You will be given lifetime access to the complete recording hosted in the Collab365 Academy. We will also give the slide deck, reports and data used in the Workshop.
    ($197 Value)
    Power BI Beginners EBook
    In this 77-page eBook, we look at some of the key features of Power BI and showcase how it is extremely beneficial to organisations of all sizes. We cover how to extract data from SharePoint, Teams, Forms, Dataverse and the web to use in Power BI. (plus a lot more).
    ($29 Value)
    Microsoft 365 Foundation Micro Course (+ get a Credly certificate)
    If you'd like a primer into Teams, SharePoint, Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents then this course is for you. If you pass, you also get access to our member perks space and earn an Explorer badge!
    ($97 Value)
    Lifetime Access to the Collab365 Academy
    The Collab365 Academy is our online, learning community where nearly 2000 other members learn not only Power BI, but also Microsoft 365. You will be given access to the Academy which also gives you some secret bonuses! 
    ($97 Value)
    Total Value: $420

    Do YOU Want to learn the Power Platform for only $420 $10?

    Meet your Host: Nick Brattoli MVP

    Nick Brattoli is an Ohio native, MVP, MCT, Collab365 Community Manager, and consultant. He’s worked in the IT Field for 16 years, 10 of which have been SharePoint-focused. Over the years, he’s worked in a variety of industries, such as Healthcare, Finance, Law, and Manufacturing.

    He currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama, and works in many different fields, doing a wide variety of SharePoint, Office 365, and Azure projects. In his free time, he practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, goes on adventures, works on nerdy projects.

    MVP, MCT, Collab365 Community Manager, And Independent Consultant

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