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Join Ahmad in this 4 hour beginner Power Apps workshop covering:

  • 1) Introduction: What is the Power Platform? – Power Platform architecture and a little bit about the history before Power Apps
  • 2) Getting familiarized with Power Apps. – Power Apps types, main features and understanding the parts of the Power Apps Studio
  • 3) Discovering Power Apps controls. – Discover the most used controls and how to use them. Buttons, galleries, labels, text inputs and more..
  • 4) Working with variables and functions. – Variable types, when and how to use them and learning about built in functions (Power FX)
  • 5) Components and Grouped controls. – Components and grouped controls, what they are and when and how to use them
  • 6) Connecting to and viewing data sources. – Connecting to and using the business data you need for your Power App


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