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In this playbook, you'll learn how to create a repeatable set of tasks from a Planner template using Power Automate into your day to day working plan.

Planner does come with the option to create a Planner from a template, simply by copying a whole Planner Plan. However each time you do it you create a whole new plan, so its great for keeping standards and creating separate but similar plans for each project you work on, however what if you want to create the same tasks but all in one Planner? 

The use case for this is if you have a pipeline of discrete projects or deliverables that all need to go through a same or very similar set of tasks, you want the functionality of planner to manage those tasks, and you want to manage them all in the same planner plan.

At Collab365 this is how we manage workshops from inception through to production. Each time we agree a new workshop the Power Automate Flow is triggered, and copy of our template tasks is taken and added to our ongoing delivery planner, with a unique label for that workshop.

Each time the Power Automate Flow is run, one set of tasks from the Template is copied over to the main delivery Planner.

This means that we can have the same set of planner tasks added to our delivery plan over and over again, and we any time our process changes we just update the Template plan. 

There are many ways you could tweak and expand this solution to meet your needs, using more of the options within Planner or maybe by creating a Power Apps front end to take in some user inputs at the beginning that get used to fill in some of the values in the destination Planner. 


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