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Even before the Global Pandemic, video conferencing and virtual events were taking off. There were already many options to choose from if you wanted to meet online to:

  • Discuss a matter face to face but in different locations
  • Meet with a team to discuss different options
  • Schedule an event where you broadcast a solution to a group of people
  • Cater for multi-session, high user volume conferences online

Roll forward to the pandemic and these options exploded. Tools such as Zoom and Teams really started to come into their own however and more recently, Microsoft Teams has taken a huge leap in the right direction with a set of well rounded video and collaboration options to choose from. 

In this playbook, we'll take you through some of the more common ones to expose opportunities that you might not know you have within Teams. 

We'll show you how to:

  • Schedule a small 1:1 or 1:Many team meeting using Outlook to set everything up
  • Plan and schedule a Live Event for your department where you want to....
  • Plan and schedule a Webinar where you want to....


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